It’s Shabby

It was a dark and chilling night when it appeared. The place of the incident was near a house owned by a neighbour who was believed to be practicing black magic (to be precise, kept a spiritual being- “jerangkung”). The spine tinggling incident was a personal experience.

I was living in a village (Kampong Wak Tanjong). I was about seven or eight years old and I needed to pass motion. I was told by my guardians to bring my cousin along for accompany. The toilet was situated near a wide drainage like river, fifty meters from the house and secluded from view. There was no light except for the moon. I decided to do it at a small drain, a meters from the toilet as visibility was minimal. My six year old cousin kept talking to me as he was afraid (so was I).

A moment passed and I saw near the makeshift toilet, a being in shabby clothes appeared. I was not able to see its hooded face clearly but it had a sick smile and was looking directly at me and waving. It was as if asking me to come nearer. Its eyes were glowing like a cat’s and what long fingers it had. While this was experienced, I asked my cousin to focus at the toilet and to identify the being. He saw nothing. I was getting tense, and cannot pass motion. While the being was beckoning me, I felt like I was moving towards it slowly but surely. The walls started to move and I was wobbling and spinning without me using my limbs, coming nearer the being. It was just using its index and center fingers near its face. “Come, come,” it beckoned. And my feeling at that moment was of curiousity and mystique and wanted to go towards it.

Then my cousin exclaimed, “Hey, what is that? It’s scary!” I sort of woke me up from a trance and ran all the way home with him trailing and wailing. I did my little toilet trick on newspaper and threw it into the river.

The incident was not discussed, period. The next day I went to the place again. Nothing was amiss.

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