Sembawang Terror

Well my story goes like this…. to be exact, this incident happened 2 days back on the 23rd of June 2001. My friends and i went skate boarding near Sembawang. And after that, we decided to go Sun Plaza to have a drink. We had our drink in KFC and later we continued skateboarding when one of my friend wanted to smoke. So we followed him under a block and we all rested while he lit his ciggarate.

After a few minutes, a very pleasant floral smell reached our nose and it was more towards a female perfume. And there, a very beautiful young girl came out from no where! By looking at her, i can say that she’s 18-20 years old! She was really very pretty! My friends kept on looking at her and she gave a smile as she entered the lift. Before she could press the button to close the door, we entered the lift just to have a look at her. She smiled at all of us but she did not talk when my friends asked her some questions.

This was quite strange for me and all of us kept looking at oursleves. Soon we reached the 11th storey of block 501A (Sembawang, Wellington). My friends and i came out of the lift when the lift reached the 11th storey. She continued to the 12th storey. We all wanted to rest near a staircase, so we went near a corner house where the stairs was. We passed by 2 malay house towards the end. A few minutes later, we heard a very loud cry and it was kinda eerie. Suddenly, we saw the young, pretty girl walking down the corridor. Slowly, she was growing older and we couldn’t believe our eyes. We were very scared and when she reached the malay corner house, we realised that it was a Pontianak! We were all terrified. The cry became softer as she reached us and trust me, she looked really awful and ugly! She gave off a stench. She stopped at the malay corner house and she sat down on a black coffee table outside. If i’m not mistaken, there was 2 bicycles outside.(A big one and a small one(yellow) ).

Now….all my friends are down with a high fever including myself.

(Notice – I should really warn the malay corner house if i can meet them. If they read this by chance, please be warned! I think there are alot of young boys in that malay corner house ) ……i’m really scared and i can’t sleep for the past 2 days !

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