Knocking On The Bathroom Door

It was Sunday and on that day my niece, Atika, was at my house. She was afraid of ghost. The day before, on Berita Harian, there was an article about the movie “Return Of Pontianak”. There are pictures of the Pontianak in it. Since Atika was afraid of ghost, i decide to scare her by imitating to be Pontianak. I took my towel and put around my head and i apply powder on my face. Which after that i scared her. Her mother was afraid too. She said in malay “If you see a real pontianak. Bagus.”

Then i proceeded to take a bath since it was already night. While i was bathing, i heard knocking on the door. I shout out in malay, “Who’s that?”. It seems to be no answer. Then i quickly open the door and find out who was that. I search throughout the kitchen but there was no one. I ask my sister(Atika mom) who knock. She reply that there is no one knocking on the bathroom door. I then ask my mom who is always honest. She also said no one.

So for those of you who likes scaring people beware!!! I was lucky not to see a ghost that day but i encountered one.

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