Kranji Reservoir Park

This story is not what i’ve been thru but just some stories that i heard from my cousins. Regardless of whether it was true or not, it was spooky enuff to make my goosebumbs appear.

To those who have been to kranji reservoir park, u might have heard about this story. Kranji reservoir park is an ulu park where families come during weekends or holidays to fish, relax, swim or do what the park is known for…dig in the sands and u might find some “remis”,”kepah” or some other sea food. It is said that the reservoir has crocodiles. There is even a signboard which says so. I am not sure whether it was just to scare people or whether it was true. My mum said that the sea there, is where people used to play “jong”, some sort of a mini boat racing. Before the game the people has to “semah” or perform some rituals to appease the spirits there. Even though no one plays that activity anymore, they will still have to perform the rituals.

Families who goes there is smart enuff or has been told not to camp near the bushes beside the reservoir or near the stream there at night. People have rumoured to have seen a figure in white sitting there. One more thing to take caution of is its’ playground. DO NOT take your child there after dark. That is most probably after 7 pm which is the 4th prayer in the islam prayer time, which is called maghrib. People have rumoured to hear the swings moving even though there was nobody or no wind that day.

One more thing is that there is a “buaya putih”, white crocodile, as a penunggu or guarding that place. So next time you go there, beware of the living instead of the dead cos there is a lot of foreign workers there hanging out, especially during weekends or holidays. For the ladies, beware of the banglas workers kay?

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