Need To Pee

You’re in the MRT & you feel like you need to pee-really badly. What do you do? Start panicking, get off the train, start running & look for the nearest toilet. Sounds easy? Yup! So today, I wanna share with y’all what my mother saw when she was in one of the MRT’s toilet…

It was hot that Monday. Mom was going to meet up with Pop for a rendezvous at Geylang Serai to buy some stuff. She took the train down to Paya Lebar & waited for Pop at the control station. While waiting, she needed to pee. So she went to find the toilet.

Upon entering, she saw 2 girls inside. Everything looks normal, she chose a cubicle to answer the call of nature & heard the girls left the toilet.

Flushed, came out, washed hands & look into the mirror, saw that her scarf needed adjustment. While adjusting, she heard the door being pushed like as if someone was entering the toilet. She turned but saw nobody. When she looked into the mirror again, she saw a reflection of a female with a hunched with torn & tattered shroud strolling past behind her. That female had her head down & did not looked up but glanced sideways to look at Mom. How my Mom felt at that moment when she caught that female eyes locked into hers I cannot describe cos I would’ve have passed out right there & then. She said the face was so scary it was horrible. She quickly walked out of the toilet.

Mom said it was such a horrible experience on a Monday afternoon. Not that she was afraid or anything, its just that she felt like she has stepped into a forbidden territory & violating somebody’s privacy which was obviously belongs to that female thing.

So, her advice, if you do need to pee & you’re at Paya Lebar MRT station, do not enter the toilet if your’re alone, especially if you’re a girl.

I dunno about you but I never went into any of the MRT toilets…not even with a group of friends…

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