Kuman Thong

This is a story about my ex-friend Dennis’s hobby, keeping ghost child.

Story happened more than 7 years ago and I never contacted this Dennis since then.

This serves as a story to those who are interested/thought of keeping a Kumantong for whatever reason, second part of story will show how the Kumantong affect his life, and stuff which haven occur yet cause the Kumantong haven grow up and he thought he already “sent” the Kumantong away when it is still following him around everyday.

It started very long ago on a forum when I knew Dennis, back then he was introduced to me by another friend of mine who was more active in forum and meetups.. I remembered during the first meetup, he kept asking my friend about getting a Kumantong and asked more questions regarding the upkeep and stuff, which temple good, which lineage good, how to name them, how to feed them, etc etc.

Fast forward 3 months, I heard that he adopted one from his friends. By this time, he was very active on the forum and also always giving opinions to new comers. To be frank, his initial post was correct and very information, inculcating the correct mindset of do’s and don’t’s of considering a Kumantong. He ultimately had some sticky posts and became quite commercial, being the head of Kumantong and started selling. This was the point when I saw him changing for the worse.

He started posting his sale threads like “Hate to let him go, but looking for a new home. My eldest son, very guai and listen to instructions, easy to maintain, just set aside a portion of your meal and invite him to eat. Every 15th of the month buy flower,Yakult , saw him in dream before, looks very cute, likes to play toy cars and is looking for a new home.” I read already i go WTF, SPCA advertising stray dogs for adoption???

Stuff like that and its damn unorthodox already even from the short description above.

How the f**k he knows the Kumantong like to eat chicken rice or very guai ? Well thas one very common question buyers pose. And guess what he says, he says very saksit(efficacious) and very “eh kia/jalan” say he will dream of the Kumantong and their presence can be felt and stuff, like when in danger he can feel the Kumantong tap his shoulder and stuff, in short he knows what the buyers want and how to market his “kids”.

He even went on to describe how the Kumantong help him get girls and how he reward the Kumantong, like he chant the katha to activate the Kumantong. Fyi there are many kathas for different Kumantong, different spirits(I shall not say Kumantong one, for example, for ong khot phaya wannnon (spirit monkey) you start off being saying, phaya wannon, hanuman nak, etc etc… So on), and even more katha for different purpose, but i shall not reveal them here, there is no point in learning them.

Occasionally he will start thread and say very happy today finally saw his new kid, and how he use metta oil/ nam man prai to get girls in clubs, like walk past the girl and just brush her elbow with your finger dipped in nam man prai and the girl will auto come to u, or go into a lift and he instruct the Kumantong then the girl will auto get number from him, all kinds of CSB.. I think if he still alive today he should be king of CSB.

And he even say those he sell are being trained and disciplined to be good kids and stuff then say until damn kind, like help them gain merit, dedicate merits, tamboon when get pay, let them go reincarnate faster, whole day talking about deeds.

After some time, the stuff he sell really out of this world, can see is crazy grade/level liao. Kumantong with bone fragments of girl who died in accident, Kumantong with long hair of girl who hanged herself, Kumantong with corpse oil. 90 year coffin nail embedded in the base, bone ash stuffed in the base of the Kumantong… All sorts of shiet , super power barang machiam the ring from green lantern.

I remember got one is selling Kumantong in darker tone as compared to the rest, cause wrapped with dead body cloth (Thai custom they use white cloth to wrap the body) then soaked in corpse oil and chanted for 49 days.

This one is the most tok kong out of all the spectacular stuff, corpse oil really? One day he met up with my friend and he knew I was coming and he asked me what ho liao I wanna see he will bring, i told him “I want to see your nam man prai” he say OK. When I met him I see color already out, bright yellow how to be nam man prai, and the bottle very big sia like 5cm tall. I told him I don’t even need to smell, your nam man prai colour more like the corpse urine and he say he got it for 500 dollars. I told him real nam man prai cost almost few 10s of thousand for that bottle, very expensive cause its illegal to dig up corpse and boil/cut the chin.

I still remember those haters try to bash him, he will say I am forcing him to admit, if not cannot control, those sort of bullshiet. Firstly unless you are the one who consecrate them, if not when they grow up year by year, see how u control.

Can say almost every Kumantong is only waiting for one thing, that one thing is wait for your luck to be low, they can wait for 5 days, 5 months, 5 years, 10 years and suddenly appear again one day, and you are dead. These fellas really very patient trust me.

Ok enough about all these, let’s talk about the shiet he got himself and his family into after a while and how he play with fire and got burnt damn jialat.

I then lost contact and didn’t contact him cause I know he was doomed liao once he step on such route.

Barang collectors will all know barangs are like fully charged batteries, don’t talk about the consequences of using barang, I will come to that in later posts.

At the start, it’s very jalan and effective, but slowly slowly slowly, the effects slowly die off and barang people get more barangs and it’s not cheap, 1st batch archan meng or something the kp easily few ks that time.

Ok anyway back to story, at one point of time he had over 50 Kumantongs at home, until it became like a altar in living room. And when shiet started, he only had 8 of them. His wife got pregnant during that time and all along, no bad things happen and baby was healthy and all until the kid was born. They got excited and bought a lot of baby stuff, cot, pram from relative, and all the whatnots, and at this point of time, Dennis ever considered letting go some of his Kumantong except for maybe one or two.

He slowly started to feel strange that he couldn’t feel his Kumantong presence anymore and sometimes when he chanted the katha to summon them, the baby would suddenly cry very loud like as if u use a needle to prick the baby. He would use the cane and cane the floor and pretend to be disciplining thin air or shout at the altar when in fact the Kumantong could be sitting on his baby boy. He started to feel he lost control of these things and as times goes, he started to become more frustrated and kept scolding the Kumantong telling them to behave or else he will send them all to temple.

It started with mild stuff like baby always crying in middle of night and just won’t go to sleep until dawn. Went to tang ki, all kinds of god also consult, bring talisman, stuff into pillow, burn the talisman let baby drink. Some helps like one or 2 nights den problem come back, some dont even help. He started to lose faith in religion.. In Singapore there are not much Thai archan that can do such stuff and unfortunately(or should I say fortunately since he deserves it) he didn’t know any of them. The problem started to get worse, Dennis and his wife quarrel often due to this because even Dennis thinks its the Kumantong causing problem, the wife don’t even need to say liao.

Problem started to get worse, he could hear the kids laughing at night right after he scolded them or hit the cane on the floor, as if challenging him. The kid would cry and cry and he knew he was in deep trouble when he changed the baby diaper and saw blue black on the kid’s thigh. He became very scared and went to the altar and ask the kids to let the baby off and leave it alone. This was it. Even if he already mentally lost to the Kumantong, this action showed that not only him, but the whole family was under the control of the kids.

He would sometimes receive calls from his wife crying that after she came out of the bathroom, the bedroom was in a mess and all the folded kiddie clothes were all over the room and she would carry the kids out to the corridor and call Dennis, not daring to go into the house. And on one instance, all the kiddie’s shoes (those extremely small ones) would be displayed nicely outside on the shoe rack together with the adults’ ones.

He tried Tangki ,Tibetan Buddhism ,Thai Buddhism , Taoist, and even went to church but no one could help him. As I said, even if they manage to help him it will be only for while. Needless to say, the couple were already on verge of divorce. His career came next, or should I say next to go. His work kenna sabo’ed and backstabbed till damn jialat and had lotsa shiet happening in office.

Out of all the consultation with different religions and different “masters” the conclusion he got was there are 12 spirit/kids left in his house though there are only 8 bucha(statues) and 3 of which are almost adults (cause he kept these 3 for many years) and very mischievous . People would say, why not just give the kid whatever it wants, burn whatever it wants, ask monks chant, overwrite them. Problem is you think so easy?

I give you an analogy. You carry a baby and walk towards a fan. The baby looks at the fan and stretch his hand out towards the fan/blade. Why? Because the baby doesn’t know it will cut him. What if it’s a blender? It’s the same. Kumantong are kids, they don’t have any teaching or upbringing, you say you burn them a house, they will ask you why the f**k would they need a house for.

This was a wake up call for Dennis, but a call too late. There is no turning back. He can throw all into a guny sack and leave it on a temple counter over lunch when there’s nobody. Yes he can do that. But the Kumantong are all still sitting in his house. What do they want? They want nothing.

They only wanna di siao the owners who once controlled them, this is what the young ones think. As for the older ones, last time you ordered them do things, cane them, dont give them food for one day for not doing the things you command them to, know girls, bed girls, bewitch people, increase ?? with people in office, work progression, countless deeds. Now they one by one calculate with you, they only need one thing, which is for your luck to change or for it to be low, once it is it will only get worse.

Not before long, the wife left and stayed with the mother and Dennis went back once in a while to see them. He lost his jobs in the end. Story doesn’t end with him borrowing from loan shark after he lost in gambling he didn’t. He suffered a lot of mental torture, having to live with them and face them day in day out.

There was even once he woke up because he heard his baby crying, and he sprang up from his bed and went to the old baby cot room, he thought he heard wrongly but even when he reach outside the room door, the sound was right from inside the room, he quickly open the room door and he was reminded his wife and kids already left home long ago, and what was in the room?

In the middle of the empty room on the floor, was 2 Kumantong statues facing the door. And in front of the statues was 2 sets of baby clothing that belong to his kid.

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