My Real Life Ghost Stories

1) This lady who told me personally that she and her siblings dreamed of the same dream that her brother who was a converted Christian was suffering and hungry. The same dream they had prompted them to arrange a Taoist prayer for her deceased brother though her brother had a Christian funeral when he passed away.

2) This is a hearsay story from an auntie. She said one of her deceased relative who was a converted Christian let her family members dreamed that she was suffering and hungry. Her family members ignored the dream though they had the same dream because they are all Christians. This deceased turned to her friend for help. Her friend told her family members of her dream and arranged a Taoist prayer for her.

I understand from another someone that there’s a sutra which said that spirits with no food offerings will turn to vomit, blood etc… for food. Due to their karma, they would see these disgusting things as food just like rats and cockroaches like to search for food among the trash though we humans think that they are dirty and stinks. They see things differently from us due to their karma.

Last time, old folks would tell the young girls not to anyhow throw the sanitary pads around, must wrap up properly before disposing because if it’s eaten by these spirits, one will be very “sway” (unlucky). I was told there was a Malay factory lady saw a spirit ate the sanitary pad in the toilet and she was sick for 1 month.

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