Lady Waiting

This incident took place in Bukit Batok last two years ago to one of my friends.

Shikin(not her rael name) was walking home at night ..alone. When she reached her flat, she saw a lady in white standing on the staircase as if “she” was waiting for her. Shikin asked the lady if “she” was waiting for somebody but “she” did not answered Shikin’s question. Shikin thought that the lady was deaf so, Shikin walked away.

When Shikin got up the stairs, she realized that the lady was stairing at her everytime she moves. Her eyes was red and her teeth was sharp. Shikin got up the stairs very quickly. At that time, she wished that all that was just a dream but when she reached the door of her house, she saw that the lady in white had became Pontianak.

Shikin shouted for help till one of her neighbour woke up and when her neighbour went out, the pontianak vanished into thin air. Shikin told the whole story and she was reminded by her neighbour not to walk alone at night ever again.

A reminder to you guys & galz out there .DO NOT TALK TO ‘STRANGERS’ especially at night. You might end up just like Shikin.

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