This happened to my dad many years ago, back when he was still an idle bachelor, between the age of 17-21. He was out fishing with a group of friends. Although it was going to get dark, they still continued to fish, who knew it was going to be the last time my dad was ever going fishing again.

Anyway, everyone of my dads friends had their own boats and they were spread out at sea. As it got dark, my dad realised that each catch seemed to increase, however, he put it off as his lucky day. As soon as it was after seven-thirty in the evening, my dad had to put on a special helmet with headlights on it, so he could see despite the dark. All his friends did.

He was busy plucking out prawns from his big fishing net when he heard a crunching if someone was munching on crackers. He thought there was someone on the boat, but he did not feel any extra weight on the boat. So he decided to turn around and look at who it was and lo and behold, there was the pontianak on his boat, with the beam of light from my dads helmet on its hideous face. My dad was stunned for sometime, and his friends were wondering, why my dad was shining his headlight behind him and not moving. One of his friends used his boat to give a little jerk onto my dads boat and got him out of his shock. As soon as my dad came to his senses, he rushed back to shore, tied his boat and ran home. He fell sick for three days.

My dad saw the pontianaks face, though, it had rotting flesh falling off its face, long hair down to its waist and dried up blood stains which had turned brown from discolouration.

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