The Ghost Of Changi

This story was told to me by my dad, and I would like to share it with you guys. It is a true story. It happend on the 3rd of April 1982.

On that day, my dad and his best friend planned to go for fishing at changi coastal road infront of the SIA hanger. They both cycle there, at that time the Hanger is still under construction. Once they had choose a spot, they start fishing by using a fishing net from the shore moving towards the sea. After about and hour my dad turns around to look at his belonging, he was shock to see that the distance between them and the sea shore was so far away, and what suprise them is that the sea level is still at their waist. My dad sense something is not right. He told his friend to turn back, they move as cautious as they can feeling every steps of the way with their feet so that they did not sink into the deep sea.

Once they reached the shore, they took a rest. The moon began to rise and it is getting dark. My dad light the kerosene light. They began netting again, it is a bad day cause there was not a single fish caught. My dad’s friend was feeling tired so he went to sleep. It was 12 midnight, the kerosene light went of out of the sudden, the whole area was dark and silence. My dad collected some dry branch and start a fire.

While adding branches to the fire, my dad glance at the sea and he saw a white piece of plank floating. He thought of waking his friend to get the white plank so that they could use it as a floater in the morning, but something was blocking his intentioned and he totally forgot about the plank. He place some branch on the fire and again he look at the sea. This time, he saw a white rocking chair floating. He notice that the chair was actually floating on the air. He took a box of match, light it and ran towards the rocking chair. Suprisingly, the chair turns into a big wing and flaping like crazy. As my dad reaching closer, it suddenly dissappeared with a quacking sound.

As the sun rise, my dad’s friend woke up rubbing his eyes and said that last night he dreamt of PONTIANAK ( malay name for lady ghost ) My dad told him, he saw her last night. And they better leaved the place and never to returned again because we might die. We pack up and went home. During our journey home, my dad told his friend not to bring anyone to the place cause it’s haunted.

A week later, my dad was relaxing at home. He heard the sound of his friend motorbike. He went out and was told that another friend of his had drown. When he ask where, he was told that he drown at the changi coastal road infrtont of the SIA hanger. He drown at the same spot where my dad saw the white gost floating. Untill this very day, there’s talk about ghost encounter at the changi coastal road. The funny thing is that my dad saw the ghost on the 3-4-82, his motorbike no. is 3482 and his birth is 3482, what a coincidence huh.

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