Late Night In Office

Last year, i was working with this private firm in the eastern area of spore. I was then a secretary.

There was this one night, when I was working late. The other staff had all gone home, and there are some things still left for me to do. It was about 8pm, and I was concentrating on some paperwork at the front desk when i suddenly feel cold underneath the table. As i was wearing a skirt that night, my legs feel terribly cold. The strange thing is the office itself was quite warm. As i look down, there was a naked small bald little kid (looks like a 5yr old) grinning at me. Imagine the shock i had. On instinct (although i can’t believe i did it) i kicked the strange being and just ran out of the office still with my high heels on, with the lights on and door still unlocked.

I bumped into a security guard, breathless and sweating all over in fright. I just stammered to him about what had happened. He then offered to check it out. We then walk back to my office, and he went in to check out, baton in his hand, while i stand in the entrance, calling my boyfriend. After checking the whole office, he found nothing.

The next day, i resigned without notice. What was that i saw? Is it a really 5 yr old kid….?

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