I was once working in the Prisons Department and was attached to the Kaki Bukit Centre.

It was a normal routine night as other nights in my night shift, I was deployed to take charge of Post No 2 at 0200hrs to 0400hrs. Initially, when I took over duty everything seems ok and fine until 0230hrs in the early morning. Just beside my post station, there were 4 angsana trees. There were 5 or 6 stray dogs howling like crazy looking up at the trees. I shone the big dragon post light up the trees and nothing was discovered! I guess the dogs noticed my participation too.

Soon after, a few minutes later the dogs were seen running away from the area with their tails tucked in with a stupid crying like sound. Strangely after that, time seems to come to a still! I couldn’t hear anything nor feel anything, there was no wind no nothing!!! And then the sweet fragrance of rose like smell arose!!! At first, it was a mild one and it grew more intense!!! I guess I was going berserk but I controlled my composure. I got the post dragon light again and started torching the nearby vicinity, the trees, the pathments, just name it! There was nothing!!!

Suddenly, the post surrounding concentina wires started shaking and then I saw this “thing”, perched up on the concentina wire just like a bird with its hairs let down covering the face!!! God!!! what a view it was!! just a few metres away from me!!! Braved myself, took the dragon light again and shone at it!! It flew!! just like a bird!! flapping its wings!!! upwards in the sky!!!I reported the findings to the main control station and asked for assistance but the duty officer is already on his rounds, that means I had to deal with this “thing” by myself!!!! and then, I heard scratches on the rooftop of the post station where I was!!! I was speechless and at the same time at my wits end!!!! A giggling a female voice was heard!!! following suit a sharp shrieking laughter!! I couldn’t do anything else but leave my fate to god and started to recite whatever holy verses that I could recall and true enough, the “thing” flew away and went on top of the prison building. Later it just disappeared!!!

That is one frightening experience in my entire life that I will never forget trust me!!

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