The Puchong

My auntie had been working at Yishun Compaq Factory for already ten over years. Many times she had encountered spirits from her ever so “keras” work place as she worked during the night shifts.

One night, a Friday night, my aunty came down with a migrain n told her colleague that she needed a break for 30 minutes. So, she went to the second floor where all the sofas are n layed down to take a short nap. As she was about to dose off, half dreaming n half in reality, she suddenly saw the double doors which were in front of her swinging. At first, she saw a shape of a sack behind those doors. Later, she saw a being, shaped of a Puchong, with the two knots, were hoping towords her. During that moment of time, my aunty were prespiring n cold sweats were dreanching her whole body. As the Puchong came n sat beside her on the floor, it said to my aunt not to be afraid as she had came to my aunt in request for a help. My aunty was too scared to say anything but she just quickly got into sitting position.

“Please, have pity on me,” the thing said.

“I was once a worker here when this place was just opened.I was raped n then later were locked up in a female toilet on this floor. They pulled my long hair n locked the toilet door so that I can’t escape.I was left like that for many days until I died. Later, my body was tied up in a sack n buried somewhere in this factory ground.”

My aunty was too dumbfounded n frozen in her seat but i don’t know how she managed to go through the whole moments with that thing near her.

“Now, if you would please help me to untie this sack’s knot, I will promise not to disturb you anymore,” she said.

My aunty just nodded her head n the sack took shape into a puchong n bent itself in front of my aunt, while my aunt forced the tight ropes to untie them. At last, with so much struggles, my aunty managed to untie the ropes.

As she pulled the ropes away from it, the Puchong turned into a woman’s shape with her long hair. She turnrd her face away from my aunty n thanked my aunty, reminding her not to forget Allah n to stay with the company until she get retrenched.

And now, it’s been two years since my aunty’s retreanched n her encounter with the Ghost is still fresh in her mind.

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