The ‘Shaking’ Figure

This story is actually told by a friend of mine, Z. It happened at Upper Pierce reservoir at night. My friend, Z and her boyfriend, A have just had their late dinner. They have nowhere to go so they decided to spin around in the car at night. When suddenly, her boyfriend has this little “idea” to enjoy the night. You see, her boyfriend wanted to check in to one of the budget hotel but my friend she worried if someone she know will see so her boyfriend brought her to Upper Pierce Reservoir.

To cut the story short, A drove in the small road bringing them deeper and deeper into the reservoir. Of course, there is no car could be seen, only trees. Despite the lights from the lamp posts, the little road was very dark and it was very errie. A was still driving goin further into the Reservoir. Z could not imagined if the car broke down. After about 10 min driving, A stopped at a spot. He locked the car and started to get on with his little “idea”.

They were naked in the car and doin the(mmm…shaking)enjoying their private moment with no souls around. Half way through the “shaking”, suddenly A, looked up as he thought he heard something. He could not see anything outside the window so he continued again. This time, he heard as if somebody threw a stone at the car rooftop. He looked up again and saw nothing. Again, he ignored it. The third time, he heard something. He decided not to looked out from the window. He asked Z whether she heard anything. Z who lying down said that she did not heard anything. A, gathered his courage and looked out of his window. Z could see the panic in his eyes. A, quickly wore his pants only. Slowly, he asked Z to sit and wore her clothes and not to see on the right. She knew that something is not right and did as what she was told. As they have already out from Upper Pierce reservoir, Z asked him to tell what happened.


He saw a white figure between the two trees floating, doing exactly the same thing as what he did(the shaking). At first, A thought that was his reflection but he looked up again and discovered that their position is at different angel and how could that be? I assumed that maybe figure wanted to catch their attention by threwing something at them. Maybe he wanted them to know that he could do better than A (ha.. ha..ha)

Z told me that in her case they moved around slowly as not to let the thing knew that they have already noticed them or else maybe the thing will show his real face!!

She sweared this happened to them and i actually asked A which at last he admitted after much persuade from me.

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