Automatic Flush

This happened to me many years back during a camping trip to Taman Negara Campsite in Pahang.

When we reached there, we were told to stay over at a hostel in the middle of a thick jungle. There was 9 girls plus a lady teacher who went on the trip. The 9 of us shared a small room while our teacher stayed in a larger room quite far from us. The hostel was built on wooden planks so if anyone were to walk on hostel grounds, we were able to hear the footsteps clearly. Our room was the last one in the far end and next to it was another room(this particular room was vacated on the day we arrived) followed by the gents and then the ladies.

During the last night when we were there (we stayed for 5 days), we couldn’t do any activities outdoor as it was pouring very heavily. All of us had to stay indoor and we actually got very bored. We make friends with a bunch of campers during our stay there and they suggested going to the nearby cafe for a night of ghost “story telling”. Some of the gals went and left with 3 gals(including myself) stucked in the room.

We soon got into a bit of chatting up with some snacking out and the conversation got really interesting and exciting when I felt an urge to go to the ladies. Remember that I had to pass by a room and the gents before I reached the ladies? I noticed that the empty room next to ours was closed and I had a peek at the gents and noticed that it was empty. There was also no one coming out from their rooms so except for my noisy footsteps, there was silence all around me.

The ladies was also empty and there was 3 shower rooms and at the adjacent end(forming a “t” shape) was 3 cubicles. I chose the middle cubicle as I thought it would be easier for me to run in case something happened! When I was doing my business, there was unusual silence around me and I suddenly felt creepy all over. But I don’t dare to think of anything. Then out of the blue, I clearly heard a flushing sound coming from the cubicle just next to mine! At that time, I was thinking, what the heck!! This toilet had no auto flush and even if it had, the sensor couldn’t have gone off just like that! And from what I remembered, there was no one entering the toilet at that time because if really there was, I could have clearly heard their footsteps on the wooden plank!! Then at once, there was silence again. I was feeling very uneasy at that time and I don’t dare to go out of the cubicle. Worst still, I was having my menses and I often heard that those “things” love to disturb people like us! And that makes me more terrified! But anyway, I plucked up my courage and darted out of the toilet in a flash. I don’t even dare to look at myself in the mirror just in case “something” greets me in the mirror.

Before I ran out, I had a quick peek at the cubicle next to mine and it was all empty!! So how do u explain the flushing sound?? Up till today, I don’t dare to go to the ladies alone, anywhere, everytime…

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