Cockpit Hotel

Have u ever noticed an old hotel somewhere around orchard road…..(can’t remember the road’s name) the Cockpit Hotel. I’m sure all of u have heard the news that it’s gonna be pulled down soon… soon? I don’t know….maybe this story will tell u the reason why it is still there….

Well, the owner of the hotel might know something abt this…..that is why he has been keeping his distance from Singapore authority. I was told that they have been trying to contact him for months……with regards to what happened to one of their contractors.

U see, normally they will use this big machine to hack the building with the ‘big pendulum’ thingy bit-by-bit. But they can’t use that as there are limited space for the machine……with roads and other buildings around it……

So they decided to hack it slowly ….manually. But it failed. No one can ever seem to hack even a simple wall down….even with the use of that ‘noisy drilling machine’ nothing happened to the building. The authority have started to worry abt it, as plans have been made on that piece of land. They tried to contact the owner of the building again (not a local)……but received no response after a few faxes and calling abt the hotel earlier.

At the very same time, one of the contractor’s foremen decided to give it a try…..hacking down one end of the the walls with his ‘mallet’, resulting with a dent and a simple crack in the wall….followed by blood dripping few seconds after…..

Feeling something is very wrong……he started to pack up that very same day and applied for a half-day off. As for the rest of the coolies, stories started to go around abt the dent and blood from the wall.

Upon hearing this, the authority started to worry abt any bad history behind Cockpit Hotel…..trying their very best to contact the owner, they received a call from the contractor’s side…..saying that their foreman who went off half -day after hitting the wall … dead, with severe injuries on the head….it was cracked….and his face was all smeared with blood. No signs of break-ins…..robbery….or such….even nothing valuable was missing in his house…….so his case was treated as ……natural death. They created somekind of a story….saying that he might have tripped on something and landed on something sharp……and that gory accident happened.

As for the Authorities…..still trying to find a way to pull the building down the building calling bomoh and all those people have been down the place and decided to back out….as according to them…..’too powerful for my skills….’

That is why, u will still see the security there…… trying to avoid public from entering the building…..I suppose.

Even the building it self looks scary…….wonder what is the story behind it…….

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