The Cubicle

A favourable location for supernatural beings because of being the place of dirty deposits, toilets, if not always, USUALLY have stories of strange, scary incidents and sightings. And my aunt’s incident was just one of the many that happened in toilets.

My aunt used to work in a local factory(not to be named) during the early 80’s, before she was married. The factory was a big one, but at that time its population of workers was not as large as the factory. So workers often had to take two shifts, including the night shift. My aunt did not see any problem in that, so when she was offered to work the night shift accompanied by only 7 other workers and two guards, she readily accepted.

The 8 workers, including my aunt, were divided to 2 workers per level. As I have earlier typed, the factory was a large one. But I still do not understand why must the 8 workers be separated like that.

Anyway, the bright and noisy factory during the day had transformed into a quiet and sullen, dark place at night. It was very quiet, with only the whirring of the fans, the chatting of the workers and the typing of their typewriters breaking the silence.

At around 2 a.m, my aunt felt an urge to go to the toilet. She intended to ask her by-then-asleep colleague to accompany her, but she decided not to wake her colleague up. So she walked by herself to the toilet, which was about 20 metres from her desk.

As she got nearer to the toilet, she noticed the dim light which barely lit up the dark place. She suddenly felt nervous and regretted going there alone. She had wanted to go back and wake her friend up, but then she chided herself for being a scaredy cat. Furthermore, she needed to ‘deposit’ urgently. So she mustered her courage and went into the dark realm of…the toilet…

You know how some toilets are designed in a way where you had to make a turn from the entrance to enter the toilet? This toilet was it. And the long row of mirrors were facing the cubicles, where you can see reflections from the cubicles on the mirrors.

She went straight into the third last cubicle, where she knew there was a pail and a tap. Closing the cubicle door behind her, she ‘deposited’.

Then she heard it. Sounds of something dragging on the toilet floor. The dragging sound would pause for a while, then started again. Stop and start, stop and start.

My aunt only had in her mind that it was her sleepy colleague dragging her feet into the toilet, so she shouted in Malay, “Wah!Wake up only go to toilet.S leepwalking is it?” Then my aunt laughed.

Her colleague did not answer, instead, the sound of the last cubicle door creaking and her colleague sitting slowly on the toilet bowl answered my aunt.

My aunt thought it was strange, but she dismissed it as probably her colleague was still in a dazed state.

When my aunt finally finished ‘depositing’ and cleansing herself, she went out of the cubicle.

My aunt was halfway through washing her hands with soap when she suddenly remembered about her colleague. She glanced at the mirror of the last cubicle, which seemed darker than the rest of the cubicles. She called out in Malay, “You want me to wait for you?”

No answer.

My aunt waited for a while…When she noticed the closed cubicle door was slowly…but surely…creaking and opening slightly ajar…

She thought that her colleague was going to come out… But the door was still opening slowly…

And when there was finally a gap big enough to see the inside of the cubicle..My aunt squinted her eye to make out the still and sitting figure.

Ya Allah…Oh God… A figure all wrapped in white, from head to toe, with a knot on its head. P.O.C.O.N.G!

And its drooping head was frighteningly…slowly…raising up…

My aunt did not wait for its head to rise up completely. She uttered a prayer and dashed out of the toilet with whatever strength she still had, her goosebumps and hairs on the back of her neck still standing.

And the moral of the story is, “Never assume something that you are not sure about, or you might end up with an experience you’ll regret and NEVER forget”

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