Lost Child

This story happened to my sister, Ani (name changed) on her second week in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

It was almost 11:30 PM. Ani just came out of her last evening class and was waiting for her friend to pick her up. A strong breeze came by and Ani had a chilling feeling, not so much of cold but rather a sense of fear. After all, it was dark and she was all alone. A short moment later, she heard someone whistling from far. She looked around her and began to feel frightened. There was nobody anywhere and she tried to convince herself it was just the guard.

Ani was thankful when her friend showed up seconds later. She rushed into the car and before she got into the car, she saw a pair of white socks at the back of the car. Immediately, she asked if her friend hard accidentally left a pair of socks outside the car but her friend looked puzzled and said no. Ani turned around but the socks were no longer there. Ani was very optimistic the socks were there in the first place. So, she asked her friend to stop the car and go out to check.

When the car stopped, Ani heard the whistling again. Her friend went out for a short while and dashed back into the car in a state of shock. Without a word, she sped off the area. Ani kept asking what happened but her friend refused to say a word until they are out of the campus.

Ani’s friend said when she went out of the car, she felt an unusual chill outside. Then, she saw a naked boy lying behind the car. He was very young, but he looked inhumanly pale. She asked the boy what he was doing there at this hour. The boy stared at her with pitiful eyes and said, “Are you the lady who took my soul and turned me into a ghost at this forest?”

It suddenly occurred to her that the boy is not a human being at all. She ran back into the car and sped off.

When Ani told her about the whistling, she said she didn’t hear anything. However she did hear some noises behind the trees by the roadside.

Ani went to the library the next morning and searched for any book that could explain what happened on the previous night. She found an article in a book which claimed that there was a little boy who was captured by a witch and the witch took his soul while whistling like a mad man. Many claimed to have seen the boy running away from the witch while some heard whistling sound, apparently, the sound of the witch looking for the boy.

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