It happened during 1988. I waz doing my NS. The incident took place when I was doing my weekend guard-duty and my patrolling period was from 12am to 2am.

Me and my buddy were doing our rounds when we decided to `snake`. We were rather sulky because we`re on guard-duty during the weekend and everyone is off, enjoying their time with their friends, families etc. We stopped over at our bunk and took a nap. It was about 35 minutes later when we heard buddy was still fast asleep..I look around the room and in front of me was the window..upper half was made from glasses and the lower was made from aluminium..

what i saw next make my goose pimples break-out all over..i saw fingers resting on the aluminium window and it`s trying to open..i yelled and my buddy woke up..he too,saw the fingers! We frozed on the spot before i told him that we should either take a look or get out of the bunk! He opt for the former..i hated him for saying that..

When we were outside the bunk,just around the corner, we heard boots pacing up and down..we thought it was strange to hear boots during the weekend..not taking any chance,we load up our rifle and braved it whatever it is..we signal, 1…2…3! We positioned in our un-armed combat poise and shouted at the TOP of our voice! We grew weak in our knees by waht we saw……

It was our Duty Orderly Sergeant!!

He was trying to pry opened the window with his fingers cos he knew we would snake..i guess you should know what happened next..Yez! You are right!

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