Roaming Ghosts

Being born with the 3rd eye, I`ve been seeing spirits/ghosts since young, and I`ve never really thought about it much. But several cases remain vivid… During my ns days, my camp was located in Choa Chu Kang, sometimes I have to stay over if I have COS duties(I`m a stay out personnel). And I don`t like it. My bunk, even in the day with all the curtains drawn and windows opened, an air of eerieness always hung within. First time I stepped into the bunk I KNEW that there was something and instinctively I disliked the bunk for seemingly without reason. One of my storemen told me that our bunk housed 3 spirits. I told him I wasn`t surprised. The first night I stayed over, 1 of my storemen wanted to change places with me cos he wanted to talk to the other storemen next to me. So I took the top bed while he slept on the bottom. In the middle of the night, I felt the bed rocking. Being new, I merely cursed myself at having the misfortunate of sharing the double decker bed with a violent sleeper.

Morning came and my friend was cussing me on my violent sleeping habit. Amazed I retorted back. Turned out that he felt the shaking and thought it was me. Then I knew it was them. However the most vivid one was when one night I went to my bunk to sleep after finishing my duties(I was the COS). Around 3am in the night, I was rudely awaken by someone hammering on the bunk door. For some reason, I was the only one who woke up. The rest of my storemen were blissfully snoring away.

I sat up in a hurry thinking it was my duty officer. As I did, the door flew open and someone floated in. I widened my eyes in amazement. The figure appeared to be clothed in misty attire, had long hair. Somehow I know that it was the female who resided in our bunk(camp?). She floated to the first bed by the door, and slowly bend over where my storeman was sleeping. At that point, I lost my temper and while pointing at her, I shouted ” OEI WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” She jerked up as if surprised that someone can see her. It was then I saw her eyes, and if I thought I was still dreaming, the eyes would have convinced me otherwise. It was dark with no irises at all. Her features were totally bland. She started to float out of the door as I hurriedly put on my slippers and ran after her. But as I reached outside the corridor, there was no one. By now all my storemen were all waking up, roused by my angry shout. The other bunk also too were waking up, and everyone was bewildered. I told them what happened and all got freaked out. I said not to worry, and that the bunk was basically her house, and she probably mean no harm. Still, all kinds of talisman and crosses came flashing out as everyone got ready to go back to bed.

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