Once..i had a camp in Fantasy Island, Sentosa. The company which organised this camp was ES4E. We were told ghost stories at the campfire night..n this was one of them told by my instructor.

This happened in 1996. There was a group of army soldiers having a camp in fantasy Island…there was about 12 to 13 people in a platoon. So my instructor was in charge of one grp with 12 people in them…So, they oranised a nightwalk..but 1 scary thing is that they had 2 patrol ALONE by themselves..wif NO torchlights allowed! so..1 by 1 they went into the Sentosa forest starting from the merlion park ending at Images OF Singapore(IOS). There was no road lights or watever lights in the forest.

Shorten my story..the nightwalk ended abt 11.30 pm and so at 11.15 pm sharp all soldiers have 2 finish their patrol nightwalk. So all of them assemble at the IOS at abt 11.20 pm. So my instructor counted her group..12 people altogether..but 1 was missing..she counted several times again there was only 11 soldiers. So they had a search party all around Sentosa n still he was not found!

At last they went back to their dormitories and found the missing soldier sleeping on the couch. So the next day was the last day..they all went back 2 their homes..1 thing is that the parent of the missing soldier called ES4E saying that their son is not back yet. Again they had a search party..still not found..

Many years passed and they still didn’t found the missing soldier. Some said he died in the forest and some said he did not went home…Luckily..in 2000(4 years passed), they found his dead body with so many scratches in MOUNT FABER!

The question is that:

1:how can the missing person be at Mount Faber(4 years later)from the camp in Sentosa??

2:who is the person that they found sleepin in the dorm after the search party in 1996???

The questions is unrevealed…believe me this is a true story..if u guys dun believe me..u can ask any instructors frm ES4E especially, Jesse, if u have any camp in Fantasy Island sentosa organised by ES4E!!!

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