Everybody noe dat campin’ can be fun but scary too. In St.John, you hv 2 go camping every year. So, dis happen to me when i was in sec 2.

On the first day, everything went smoothly. After marching under d sun 4 a few hours, we were seperated in groups 2 our room. We sleep in d classroom. Nobody were to sleep on d ground floor, d sec 2, sec 1 n d sec 3 were supposed 2 sleep on the second floor and our seniors sleep on d third floor. We were not allowed 2 walked past d third floor as it is our seniors’s bunk.

Around in d afternoon, we can use our free time. So mostly of us use d time to hv a good bath. We use d second floor to bath. All of us were bathing when 1 of my fren who hv finish bathing shout, “Anybody hv seen my rubberband?” So d rubberband was on my best fren’s toilet. She cannot answer as she was busy doing something else. To her surprised, she saw a shadow of someone climbing above to her toilet. She quickly look up. Frighten, she shout for me as i was beside her toilet.

After dat it was my turn, i finish bathing n wanted to open d door but i couldn’t. I was scared. I didn’t give up, i tried to push open d door. Untill i saw a figure at d back of me. I turned around n there was nobody. Quickly i tried to open d door, luckly d door open. I didn’t scream as it would make more people scared. I go out of d toilet n only tell my best fren what happen, n it goes d same 2 my fren.

On our first night, two sec 1, 1 seniors, my best fren n i, were to do night duty. Our duty was abt at 12 midnight to 2 in d morning. After 2 morning, another group will be takin’ over us, doing their duty. During our duty, we were to walked around d second floor and d third floor. We cannot make noises or switch on d lights along d corridors, so we use our torch light. My senior will be sitting at d stairs. So my fren, i n two sec 1 walked around up n down. I told d sec 1 to walk another way while i n my fren walked another way, which we will meet again.

While walking, i saw a shadow standing on d other side of d coriddor. I wanted to use my torch light but u noe’ i wouldn’t dare. I told my fren abt it, n i got 2 say dat she is a coward. I wanted to check out what it was, as it was my duty. So leaving behind d sec 1, i n my fren went to dat coriddor. We checked inside d classroom n realised dat there was no one. Ofcorse we ran back like two mad (nurse), there was no light at all and we were using our torch light, who noe’s what if our battery ran out!!!!! Luckily, dat thing didn’t disturb us. 🙂

When d next day, i only tell my frens n didn’t tell my seniors cause’ they will think we are makin’ up stories. I wonder hoe’ am i going 2 camp 4 a week for my nco?!!!?!?!?1?

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