May I Go With You

In Sarimbun scout’s camp, there is this particular toilet, between the main kitchen and the chief comissioner’s room, that has no mirrors.(female toilet) Somebody told me that the row of mirrors were too old, so they were removed. Some said that if you go to the toilet alone, and when you wash your hands, the mirrors reflect something walking at the aisle between the two rows of toilets.

After some activites, we were given a break and i asked my friend if she wants to go toilet with me, and she refused, saying that she was too tired to walk. I thought that was sheer nonsense, so i walked away. As i walked towards the toilet, i heard footsteps behind me. Thinking that it was my friend, i didn’t turned around to look.

When i entered the toilet, i went into the cubicle to do my business. I could hear my “friend” walking into the toilet, and loitering just outside my cubicle (the aisle). My “friend” just walked up n down the aisle repeatedly, until i begin to flush the toilet, my “friend” opened the door and walked out.

When i saw my friend, i told her that she might as well have waited for me if she went to the toilet, but she denied following me.

One day, another friend called me up to ask if what i experienced was true, and i confirmed it. She told me that she had experienced it many times before, and didn’t think it was a pervert. Anyway, it was harmless enough not to frighten anybody. Maybe it could be a wondering soul; maybe now, they will believe.