Camp Experience

During my secondary school days, i go camping very often. The story i’m abt to relate occurs in Camp Christine n Sarimbun Scout’s Camp, at Jalan Batera, beside the MOE camp. Now, many of you must have heard quite a bit abt this area right?

Anyway, it was a Thursday night during a camp at Camp Christine, i was menstruating then, so i had cramps and couldn’t sleep. Lights out was at 2300hr, and by 2330hr everyone in my tent were asleep. It was then that i heard dog’s barking coming from near the canoe shed. Later into the night, i heard wailing sound of a woman, wailing as if somebody die leh… Somehow i ignored it, thinking that it might be a cat. That night, i fell asleep n woke up repeatedly, and each time i woke up, the barking n wailing continues.

As a quarter mistress, i woke up early at abt 0600hr to cook at the kitchen shed that we erected near the canoe shed. That barking n wailing noise never stopped. My assistant came at abt 0630hr to help, and i asked her if she had heard the barking sound. She admitted hearing it and mentioned that it had woke her up a few times that night. When i asked her abt the wailing sound, she told me not to be funny. 😕 I guess i was the “selected” one, because nobody elses heard it, even as i asked my assistant, the wailing sound was still heard…

Then during my JC days, i got to know this bunch of girls, and we sat down and talked abt ghost stories. One of them starting relating her stoy, and guess what, she talks of her experience abt the barking n the wailing, at the same campsite!!! So it was real afterall.

Last year, I was at Sarimbun scouts camp, and coincidentally, i was menstruating on a thursday night. I heard dog’s barking again, but no more wailing this time…

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