Mount Ophir

I heard the first story from my English teacher in Secondary two. According to her, a group of 10 Singaporeans (all guys) went on an expedition to Mount Ophir as part of some formal training. (That trip took place in the early 80’s, so it was a really long time back) While they were up there, they decided to take a shot of themselves together so the 10 guys arranged themselves into three neat rows to pose in front of the camera.

When the picture was developed, they realised that there were actually 11 people in the picture! The extra person turned out to be a very, very beautiful and sexy looking woman and she was standing directly behind one of the guys with her hands leaning on his shoulders. None of the team members could recall having seen this woman around at all. The guy whom the lady was leaning on, said he didn’t even feel that there was anyone behind him at all!

Lots of people believed that this lady is a pontianak and that these beautiful women/spirits are interested in the souls of vulnerable guys. Although this hair raising affair did stir up some excitement and commotion amoung his friends, the mystery of this beautiful woman never came to light. People even started teasing this guy about being chased by a ‘pretty young thing’ whom he can’t even see.

One year later, this guy decided to go to Nepal for a trekking adventure. This time he went alone. As he was on an economical budget, he decided to take the long way by boarding an inter-connecting flight from another part of Asia. (can’t remember where) He boarded some Airbus (not sure if it is Air India or Scandinavian Air) but the trip was never sucessful. The plane didn’t make it and crashed into the mountains. He was the only Singaporean on board. His friends believe that it must be this pontianak who claimed his soul but nothing can be proven at all. Details of this story cannot be confirmed because I heard this story so long ago…

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