My Army Life

Below I am sharing was my real life experiences encountered during my army life. There are 2 stories.

The first encounter happened during my 2nd months BTM training in Pulau Tekong. Dated back in the 1997.

I was on a night patrol with one of my buddy. Can’t really recall the time, but was like 2am. During then we don’t carry rifle but a wooden stick and also a water bottle with us.

We were supposed to patron the surrounding of the army camp, having one in the front and the another about 150 meter behind.

That particular night, we were doing our round behind the army building there was lot of tress and very quiet and dark while coming to a bend my buddy have walk in front and past the building, leaving me behind not able to see him.

As I was hurried to catch up my steps, from no where came running this army guy. He stop me and said do you have water? I need to drink some. I mean is pretty common to see soldier in the army camp. But this guy, he wasn’t sweating and his face is kind of pale.

I wasn’t paying much attention to his appearance, he looked so pretty normal to me only that his face look pale.

After drinking some of my water, he ran back into the trees and disappeared. And I continue to do my patrol.

And we need to do at least 2 rounds of patrol for 1 set. As I was making my second round and coming to the very same spot behind the building, my buddy have already cross in front the bend and out of my sight. Guess what, that same army guy came running out of the darkness, and he asked for a drink yet again.

This time I start to wonder while he was drinking my water. Because the way he have asked for the drink from me, was actually the same as the very first time. Every single motion are the identical…. after drinking the water he ran back into the tress line and disappeared….

When I look inside my water bottle, the water bottle are full. Cause I know I wasn’t drinking any water or refilling any water that night.

From today, I still think it was something strange or might be some old senior army guy trying to scare this green army boy.

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