A Strange Encounter

This particular story did not happen to me, but it was a pretty strange incident that happened to my dad. Let me start at the beginning.

My dad was a member of the 1st Singapore Guards Battalion during his days in NS in 1983(I think), and he was based in Seletar Camp(the old camp). One night, while he was stationed in the camp doing guard duty, he woke up around midnight and proceeded to carry on his guard duty shift as stipulated. According to my dad, he heard from a few platoon friends that the guardroom of the camp was haunted, and that the story of the haunted guardroom goes like this: A few batches before my dad’s, a group of soldiers stationed in the camp’s guardroom were playing with a live mortar round that one of them took from the firing range.

One of the soldiers accidentally dropped the shell while playing with it and it blew up, killing all of them.(I have no idea how credible this story is, but my dad doesn’t seem to believe it either). As my dad entered the guardroom after leaving his bunk block, he sat down and glanced outside the window. He said he saw what looked like a pair of human legs standing just outside the window, from the knees to the shins, but he could not see anything beyond the legs(no body, head, arms or anything). As my dad was feeling extremely tired after waking up from such a short rest, he brushed it off as something of a mere hallucination.

After his buddy arrived at the guardroom, he took his M-16 rifle and together with his buddy proceeded to prowl the camp’s perimeter fence. As my dad and his friend passed by the obstacles course area, which is deep inside the camp and near to the fence, both of them looked up and saw hundreds of black shadows running and hovering around the obstacles course area.

Don’t forget that it was night-time and it was relatively dark, and both my dad and his buddy saw the shadowy figures moving around that area. My dad also added that these shadowy figures had no face, but rather, a blurred patch of black where their faces should’ve been. Thankfully, those shadowy figures or ghosts did not bother my dad and his friend and both of them looked away and hurriedly left that area. For the rest of the night, both of them did not encounter anymore strange incidents or happenings.

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