Army Camp Duty

Year 2011. That time I was in army at a certain Camp. And at this time I was doing my duty. At this one particular night, after I finish my duty, I will sit inside my office playing computer games while waiting for my time to sleep. Then the thing started to happen. I heard a dog noise coming from parade square.

After that knocking on the window. After a while it stopped. So I guessed nothing happen. At around 2am. I started to get sleepy. By the tine I want to get to sleep I felt a cold shill. So I thought the air con too cold but when I turn around, I saw a lady in white just beside me looking at me while cover the door to exit. My hand all shivering and I started to feel uncomfortable. And at that point I just close my eyes and calm my self and think of nothing at there and I went to sleep.

The next morning I tell my senior about this and she says its just your imagination. And so I let it go.

The night comes my friend turn to do his duty. After finish his duty, he go back to office and when to sleep. But something wake him up. To his surprise he saw a “spiderman” on top of the ceiling with no faces except for the grinning mouth. My friend terrified as he runs to the door and lock the office. As he lock to the office the same “spiderman” appear outside the ceiling while grinning at him and laughing. So my friend run to my officer office and slept with him.

Tomorrow he tell my seniors he cannot make duty as he traumatized about it. My senior call an old man to see what happen. And it seems that he said that they just want to play. After he do something about it. Every thing back to normal except for my friend traumatized.

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