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Hi everyone, I’ve submitted a previous story here a while ago, titled “A Strange Encounter”, which happened to my dad during his NS days. In this story, it’ll be about mine in during my NS stint from 2017 to 2019. Here goes.
First Story: Okay, so I did my NS in the Police. As most of us know, Police trainees go to HTA for basic policing training. In HTA, there are 6 companies, and I was in Foxtrot Company. That company, amongst all six, has perhaps the most supernatural/paranormal tales and stories surrounding it. I won’t go into too much details here but I can vouch that I, as well as my squad mates and field-instructor(FI), as well as several others, have all encountered something creepy at least once, ranging from mysterious scratches on our backs, legs and necks to seeing a lone trainee crying on the back road behind our company in the pouring rain at around 3am.
Second Story: Post-POP, I was assigned my first vocation choice in Police Coast Guard(PCG). I had to spend 3 months stay-in training at PCG HQ in Pulau Brani, a small island somewhere between Sentosa and HarbourFront. Our bunks are located on the fourth floor and is pretty isolated from the rest of the HQ Base. Anyway, it was the last few nights of our training there, when my friend encountered something spooky. It was just after 3am, when he woke up after hearing the main door of our bunk rattles and open slightly (his bed is the nearest to the door). He got a bit freaked out but ignored it and went back snoozing. Suddenly, his locker began to shake and something was banging inside it loudly. He shouted and his buddy woke up, and it immediately stopped. NOBODY in the bunk awoke from the ruckus, even myself. My squad was only told about it the following morning.

Third Story: So, having successfully passed out from PCG Training School, I was then posted to PCG Gul Regional Base(GRB) near Pioneer and Tuas(in the middle of the industrial areas there). In GRB, there is a small rest-room(for male officers) located just beside a main staircase on the 2nd Floor(GRB has only two stories). One night, during my team’s night shift, my two regulars(we’ll refer to them as C and V) were doing Station duty(meaning they ‘jaga’ and work at Base) and they decided to take turns to rest. ‘V’ chose to rest first while ‘C’ helped to cover first-half.
Normally, in GRB, those doing Station duty have a few places to choose to rest at. ‘V’ went up to the male rest-room and took a quick rest there. It was fine while he rested, but when he woke up, he apparently saw a blurry shadowy figure lying in one of the beds in the corner, with a soft snoring sound emanating from it. Now, he became somewhat spooked, knowing that nobody in Base who rested with him was in the same room. Who could it be?
‘V’ then proceeded back downstairs to the main office and told ‘C’ about it. ‘C’ was not entirely convinced and went up himself to check it out. Initially, everything seemed fine and he was beginning to have doubts until he heard the snoring from the same bed (although, mysteriously this time, no figure was seen lying there). He then hurried downstairs and rested some place else. Till this day, nobody, and the two of them, had any idea what actually transpired that night……
That’s all. Until I come back with another paranormal story, then.

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