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This story was told my one of my school teacher. This happens many years ago. The head of department(HOD) room in our school used to be a prayer room, as the prayer room was big enough to let many people sleep, the malay dance group from our school chose the room as their place to sleep in at night for their camp. According to my teacher, malays aren’t suppose to drink liquor or any drinks containing alcohol, but the particular group of malay student somehow managed to smuggle a few bottles of liquor into our school compound.

In the middle of the night, they went just outside the prayer room to enjoy their liquor. Just as they start to enjoy themselves, one of the malay students started to look into the prayer room through the glass pane window with a queer look in her eyes. Then everybody turned into the same direction where she looked at and look into the prayer room as well. Guess what they saw?? In the total pitch darkness of the room, they spotted a human head flying around aimlessly in the rooom!!!!! Then all the girls started crying, and the boys were screaming. The group went hysterical.

One of the student went to look for the teacher while the other one who was holding on to the keys to the main gate of the school was calming and consoling the terrified group. He managed to find the teacher. After listening to their story, she too was frightened and decided to call down her uncle who was a high priest in a mosque. She went to the general office to find ALL telephones cannot be used!! She went back to the group of student to find the boy who was holding onto the key to the main gate of the school but no matter how she searched and call, the boy did not came up. The desperate teacher has no choice but to climb over the school gate and ran for the nearest phone. Guess what? The phone under the next three to five nearby blocks wasn’t working! Wasn’t this too much of a coincidence at this kind of time?! Until finally she managed to call her uncle through a telephone at the 7-eleven store which was about ten blocks away….

When her uncle arrived, he prayed for them and console them. From that incident onwards, no one dare to pray alone in the prayer room, thus, it is converted into a HOD room for the HODs to work in.

I normally do not really believe in ghost, i’m only interested in the stories, but, this story was told by a teacher, and i’m sure she couldn’t be lying…I’ve got no choice but to believe. I’ve heard from some senior teachers that my school was not “clean” as it was a present war site. To give you a clue, my school was located in pasir ris. Whether to believe this or not, it’s all up to you.

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