Demonic Possession

Although a lot of people may have experienced ghost encounters, but rarely do you have such a close proximity with someone who is demonically possessed. My brother, someone whom i thought could never be the one i often fear of, had gone thru a series of demonic possessions recently. It’s quite lucky that it doesnt happen anymore.

It all began with the weird behaviour; shutting himself out in the room, coming home late and being quite an anti-social.

All of the sudden, my family was thrown into disarray of the most unexpected incidents, that we thought we could never have experienced, considering how pious my parents are.

It happened during May and June. He first started passing out suddenly in school. The school thought it was just a health problem. Then it grew a little bit worst, with my brother suddenly staring blankly and not seeming to hear what the others were trying to tell him.

Finally, he started passing out, and then waking up to be ‘something’ else, mumbling and muttering in a totally different language. He would trash around wildly and the school, being so dumb and not professional, called the ambulance, who of course weren’t in the right capacity to do anything about it. It kept happening, all the time in school, him passing out and going hysterical. His eyes would be open, and blood shot, and he had tried to strangle his teacher as well as friends. He could shove away many people holding him. He was unusually strong, and he would speak in a foreign language, half like some buddha chanting and half something animal-like, hissing and growling.

We brought him home many times, but it rarely happen there. He could not remember what happened, except that before he blacked out he said he could hear a distant laughing, and drums beating, which came nearer and nearer, and finally he would feel giddy and pass out.

During the period when it all went berserk and worse, my brother would continuously day after day, pass out.

My mother would sleep in his bedroom and she once told me, that she woke up one night, cos she couldnt sleep well, and she saw this dark figure standing by his bedside, and she called out, thought it was him, but it disappeared the moment she saw it.

One morning, my school started late, and so did my sister’s. We were alone as my mother had gone to buy some groceries, i bathed, and kept having this bad feeling that he would start suddenly. When i came out of the bathroom, the phone rang. Just when i was about to pick it up, i heard some deep growling in his bedroom, and i froze immediately. I tiptoed to his bedroom and saw him trashing around in his bed wildly. We tried reading some holy verses and it seemed to grow worse.

It was the last straw. We called up a friend of my mothers for help. We spent a lot of money and time then. Was quite a waste and it never seemed to help. It grew worse, he would be flung against the wall, and would grow hysterical when he went for religious classes, especially when he heard the call for prayer. Even when his friends and all sat on him, he threw them off and started punching at everyone.

This incidents happened regularly and repeatedly, we were so afraid that it will continue for a long time. He would suddenly shut himself in the room, and scream and throw tantrums. The door to his room would close suddenly, and he will kept saying that he saw three women, all ugly and fiery, laughing at him. These three women had long hair and vampire-like teeth and were all naked, as so described by him. He even dreamt of them.

It would also happen in the hospital whenever the school sent him there, during the evening around 7 plus, he would suddenly become another person, and would talk in a low growl and describe the three women. It seemed like he was possessed by a lot of things. He would hiss and tell his story with his deep breathing.

We called an ustaz and he managed to make things go away. Even though that, he was still acting strange, and it was now that it didn’t seem to happen anymore. He was said to be possessed by some animal and buddhist ghost. The animal was some alien looking thingie with vampire like teeth, and we knew how it looked like cos he drew it.

He was into witchcraft. He got interested after watching buffy and the craft and charmed, and used the internet to look for incantations and spells, practising it and calling out for them. He thought it was harmless but now he know it was wrong. We found the many verses and spells among his school notes and papers. Threw them away the moment we found. Reincarnation of death or something like that.

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