The Cat

It was year 98 and I was in the sec 3 in this popular neighbour school in the western of S’pore. Many people around here had heard enough of the supernatural story in my school, and even one day, me myself experience an encounter that i won’t forget till now.

I am a NPCC Cadet and having my annual camp during this particular day, its not my first time to annual camp, but those past years nothing unusual had happened as i expected. Unfortunately, i thought that this year would be the same, but it turn out to be different.

I was doing my night sentry with my good friend, F, I like to partner with him coz he is a funny guy, so it was around 11.45pm we started walking from our school carpark where no one there, then we passed our school canteen and we saw few of our graduate senior sitting in the canteen, so we proceed to the basketball court and we saw few other NCO doing their night sentry. So we go on where i heard alot story over here. It was more to behind of our school building, where near the Physic/Chemist Lab and also the field.

According to our senior, I and F are to station there that night, I pray hard that nothing happen to us, so we walk really to the back of the building. We were only armed with two torchlight and two wooden pole. So, by the time we reached it was 11.55pm. Then we sat behind and start to talk about something so we wont feel scared. Then suddenly F told me that he feel sleepy and need to have a nap, so he dozed off and left me blinking in the dark. A gush of wind passed me and i can feel that all my hair stands out. Seeing F, he really in a deep sleep, so i lie beside him and praying hard nothing will happen. Out of the blue, i myself dozed off, i can’t remember anything after that, all i remember was, i heard a loud shout saying “NO!!!! NO!!!!! PLEASE NO!!!!” When i opened my eyes i saw F face right infront of me and keep on shouting the same word, i was so shocked and sat up to calm him down. Then he pushed me away that i fall on my butt and he started running to and fro, still shouting and screaming, i could not understand what he saying.

Then after few minutes as if he felt exhausted, he dropped himself to the ground and saying, “Help me…” so i go to him and ask is he ok. He does not respond, so i gave him a slapped at his face, still in vain.. he keep on saying in an exhausted voice, help me..please no… Its really scares me off, his face and eyes was so red(as he have a fair skin), then he start to screamed again but he doesn’t get up, just sitting energyless.

Suddenly a grey cat that always wondering in our school garden came out from nowhere, i just stared at the incident that happen infront of my eyes. This cat crawled slowly toward his lap and sat on his lap, like nothing happened, F suddenly look at the cat and with a frightened face he speaks, “Eee.. cat!” Then he came back to his sense.. and look at me in puzzled. He asked me why I look so scared and why I’m sitting infront him. I was too shocked to say anything and i realised another thing is the cat is nowhere to be seen. Its really spooked me and i told him to get up and meet up with our NCO.

After few days, both of us been thinking to find out what really happened to us that night and also the cat. We never saw it after that night. What do you think readers? Fact or Fiction?

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