Primary 5 Camp

Hi there, it’s me again back from the unknown to tell you the untold. My school organize a camping outing at Jln Bahtera for the Primary 5 students. 30 students involve me, were going to the event and its gonna be a 3D 2N camping.

After we survive our first day, my teacher informed us that we going for a field excursion around the Jln Bahtera area. So that night (it was Thursday’s night), the teachers gathered the students and set the path for the night event, we were advised to stick together and not to wandered away. Along the dark, unsteady path and only accompanied by the full moon, I was quite afraid as both sides of the way were covered with bushes and trees. Some of them were giggling as thought it was fun and some were looking ahead to avoid seeing something they do not wish to see. Then it happened, I saw a black figure just behind some bamboo trees and my friend too saw the thing, we wanted to tell our teachers but they were far ahead, so we kept quiet. The thing kept playing hide and seek till we reached to our camp site again. My teachers did a head counts and one of them was looking very pale, she informed that one of the girl is missing. So the teachers did a head count again, and still the numbers do not match the actual students.

So they called the police and a search was make, the girl was one, Zharinah, and she is those shy type and seldom talk. My friend and i suspect it must be the black figure doing but there was nothing we can do (Coz we just two 10yrs old kids). Then all students were advised to gathered in the canteen and not to move away. When one of the girl wished to go to toilet, she was accompanied by the teacher… Suddenly there was a loud screaming coming from the toilet, all the teachers rushed there and later all of us at the canteen heard a soft crying sound from the toilet. Then we saw the teachers escorted the teacher and the girl who were in a shock state yet crying to the office, then the other teachers carry the missing girl which was found in the toilet back to the office too. We then gathered to the office by the window and saw Zharinah, it was so scary. Her eyes were wide open as if her eyeballs was about to popped out, and she was staring into empty air. Her clothes were wet and covered with mud and her teeth was grinning, the teachers were all confused. But suddenly her eyeballs move slowly to the window, and she was staring at us!! The girls started to cried and the boys were sobbing, we were scared as her look was eerie that send shiver to our spines…

The next day as all of us sleep in the teacher’s barrack, the camping were cut short and all were packing. Back at school, my friend and I approached our teacher, Mr Kannan, and told him the whole incident in what we saw. He kept silent and told us that the girl keep talking in a male harsh voice and startled them. Early morning, her parents came and brought her home. They do not what actual happened to the girl and still it’s still remain a mystery… Who was the black figure?

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