The Spirit In Old The Boys Brigade Bike Trail

It was a combined uniform group camp, it was the day where anybody will surely be waiting for it, it was the day when a NITE WALK was organised for the campers. I was one of the “ELITE” instructors, so as one of the elite instructors, i need to do the leading into the unknown, although we had recce it the day before.

During the day, before nite came, we tied lightsticks on the trees with RED STRING that came with it. We fix the lightstick everywhere on the trail that we are going to walk through. Nite came and we came out of the jungle. We waited for the campers outside the jungle at the bus-stop opposite Dover Rd. At first, we saw figures walking towards us but we thought that it was just an imagination because we were so tired after the whole day of training. I, myself a malay muslim believe that we cannot say bad things or boast in the jungle or in the malay terms as “CELUPAR”. I think one of my friend in my group said that if he would see a ghost, he would marry it (in a joking way).

Then the campers came and we all went in group of sixs. Each of us is holding a handphone in case anything happens. Then my group when in, we were halfway when in one of the tracks, when i noticed something that is amissed. A LIGHTSTICK WAS MOVED. Then in the same spot, we all could hear giggles of a girl behind the bushes. All my campers were scared stiff. I said my prayers and continued to go to the lightstick to retrive it back and this was the time when i saw A PAIR OF RED EYES STARING at me in the bushes and the GROWLING sound. I calm myself down and walk back to the group and walk through the original route that i’ve made the evening before. We were walking near the end when we saw the group before us, they say that they were walking in rounds, there, MY FRIEND WHO WAS BOASTFUL(celupar) THAT EVENING WAS THERE, his group was lost. We paced up and walked briskly(fast) out of there. We reach the meeting point and waited for the last group.

While waiting, I did the head count and to my surprise, I COUNTED SEVEN HEADS, I recounted and it was still seven, so i just ignore it and take it as nothing had happen. NOTE THAT WE WENT IN IN SIXS. The last group came out and without any head count, we walk our way to school.

At school, i told these encounter to my teacher in-charge and proceeded with the headcount when suddenly a girl stood up and said that she say that SOMEONE had gropped her butt in the jungle and there was someone holding on to her shoulder in the trail all the way and she was too scared to even turn her head to look behind after we encountered the displacement of the light stick. The girl got high fever that night and this is still a mystery to us as who was that seven-ed head i had counted. If you are saying that i am sleepy, i think that i’m fully awake that time and everyone heard my counting…..

For your info, this is the old boys brigade mountain bike trail in the Clementi jungle just opposite Dover Road. The school that went in the trail was GHIM MOH SEC SCH.

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