My Cousin

One day, i and my cousin went out together. We was enjoying ourself that we did not notice it was almost time to go home. It was late at nite so my cousin went to stay at my house. We decided to take a short cut home and will have to go thru the grave yard.

We was walking and talking when my cousin suddenly suggested that we play a game and that is to see who can copy the most tomb(u noe the name and …..)in 5 mins. Thinking that only 5 mins there will be no harm i play too.

After 5 mins i went to find him. He was kissing a tomb of a beautiful girl. Then he took the girl pic and bring it home. From that day onwards, he lock himself up in the room and one day he start talking like a girl. We was all very afraid and thougt that he was juz sick thats why his voice change.

Then one nite, i went to his room and find him. He was sitting there talking to himself in a girly voice. He didn’t seem to noe that i was there. Then i saw the pic of the girl. I pick it up and then he started shouting to put his pic down, a number of time and his face change. He change to the beautiful girl in the pic.

Now then i know that my cousin have been possessd. I ask the girl to leave him but she say no way. He destroy my tomb. He took my pic away. I ask wat do u want before u can leave him. I want you to paste my pic back now. I took the pic and rush to the graveyard. I paste the pic back and rush home. The girl and my cousin was not there. I went back to the graveyard there, i saw the girl and my cousin waving to me. I ran to the girl grave there. I saw another tomb which for my cousin.

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