The Undead

I heard this encounter from my one of my friends… The spooky encounter begins like this…

My friend’s relatives were having really bad luck.. Either one suffers from certain small illness like fever.. cough.. cold etc.. The strange thing is that they fall sick one by one continounsly straight after one recovers!

They also face bad luck in things such as keep losing when playing mahjong , card games… they certainly never win any game before!

To put things shortly.. they never did have any luck with them certainly..

That is when.. one of friend’s auntie, who was quite superstitious, suggested to check their ancestor’s grave as she believed that the feng shui of their ancestor might not be good and thus affect them.

On one bright sunny day, the whole family set off to the graveyard whereby their ancestor lie in…

On reaching upon the graveyard.. suddenly black clouds desended.. covering the whole sky making the surrounding more spooky.. with the strong winds blowing and causing the trees 2 sway~

The priest whom the family engaged order a few males to dig up the coffin of my friend’s ancestor..

When they pry open up the lid of the coffin… THEY GOT THE SHOCK OF THEIR LIVES!

The corpse was lying in the coffin.. BUT… !! The body was not decomposing! The fingers were long and the face of the body looks like it had just been buried! It certainly doesn’t seems like it had been buried for a long time!

The priest concluded that it was because thise ancestor was sucking on life and luck of his offsprings.. that’s why it looks so young..

Though the priest did perform some ceremony to ‘appease’ my friend’s ancestor to R.I.P.. but whether this works or not is still a mystery..

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