My Night Stay At Choa Chu Kang

This story take place in my auntie house on Choa Chu Kang. It goes like this.

My father had planned me to stay at my auntie house cause i have never seen her since kindergarden. The house is near to the gravesite which is known as Pusaraman. I slept in the living room cause there are no rooms left for me to sleep!! This night i will not forget in my entire life.

The clock shows 11.45 p.m. I could not get to sleep. I was tossing around but i didn’t work. Around 5 minutes later, i felt sleepy and i was about to go to sleep when something caught my eye. I watch the reflection of the glass cabinet and saw a woman dress in white making Kopi!!! At first i thought it was my auntie. I looked again and said to myself,”My auntie have short hair, but why she now have long hair..” I call out my auntie name but the “thing” didn’t look back. I began to felt cold breeze. I looked at the window but to my surprise, the window is shut closed!! I began to utter prayers as i was looking her. She dropped the spoon but it didn’t make any sound. She turned to her left and walked slowly towards the window. I could not see properly as she was looking at the other direction. She flew out “I think so” and gave a loud laugh!!!

After that, i remember the next morning my father woke me up. I feel very hot. Immediately, i remember the woman i saw yesterday!! I quickly went to the kitchen to see if the Nescafe is still there. It is gone!!! Suddenly, something caught my eye. A bunch of frangipani on the floor.

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