My Dog

As usual, every evening i will bring my dog to east coast park for a walk. The day seems so peaceful with wave coming in and the cool breeze blowing onto your face, after a day of stressful work. It was thursday then, i see familar faces strolling with their dogs. Then out of sudden, my dog ‘BOUY’ pick up a scent along his path and without another second, dash off into the woods(i usually did not leash my dog). I got panic, as BOUY wasn’t himself today. He was a obedience boy. He will not run away like that when we go for stroll like the past. So i follow up and went into the woods, hoping that BOUY won’t get any injuries.

Upon entering the woods, i scent a pungent smell that is so heavy that i was nearly choke. I couldn’t take the smell. Then, when i was about to rush out, i saw BOUY around 30 feet away. When i ran up to him, he was staring up onto a certain tree. He began howling so hard at that tree that i think this was the first time i heard that in my life. Guess what, when i lift up my head, what stun me was….. there was a young girl sitting on the branches, holding a baby doll. So i thought how the hell this girl manage to climb onto the branch????

Without second thoughts, i try to get her down thinking that she would fall down and injure herself, (thinking deep inside my heart oh what a good dog, you actually sense that someone is in danger, thats good. BOUY you done a great thing today, i am so proud of you). Then just when i raise my head up again, i saw the girl missing. I thought she had fallen down, so i looked around. Then what really makes my knees weak was she was bleeding from her eyes, head, ears, nose and mouth. When i went forward to examine her wounds, she disappear right before my eyes. So i carried my dog BOUY and ran out of the woods. When i was at the bicycle track, i look inside, i saw the girl jumping down from the tree. Then i look away and hurry back home. I try to calm myself from the shock and pretend nothing happen, as there was alot of joggers and cyclist there.

For your info, my dog was sick for 1 week, he was bedridden and couldn’t eat much. I avoided the same route and now using another route for my daily stroll….

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