My Encounter In East Coast Park

East Coast Park is a well known haunted place. Have you ever encoutered with such sightings?

Well…I do have a story to share with you. Before we get started, I want you to imagine that you are in a dark room, you could feel someone watching you. Try peeping from the corner of your eyes, see that if there is anything.

It was a gloomy windy night, the six of us were drinking away and ignored the eerie atmosphere around us. Surrounded by some weird looking trees, I remembered if someone were to stare at the tree at night with total focus, you will see some forms taking place. Commonly a protrait of a face.

I tried.

True enough, I could see something forming but I have no idea what was it.

” Nah… ” I simply ignored it

” Come on, it’s all craps. You believe in this stupid rumours? ” Larsson said jokingly.

At this moment, I felt an urge to relieve myself.

” Hey, wait for me here. I will be back soon, don’t finish all of it. Leave some cans for me. ”

I chose a good spot and started to unzip.

” Ahh… ” The feeling is just like letting out the hot desire all over…

I was definetly sober at that time.

A group of people were standing by the seaside, they were all pale looking. Standing infront were some japanese soldiers, it’s so obvious. When the commander withdrew his sword, his soldiers took aim and shot all of them.

One by one, all fell dead onto the sea.

” Jesus ! ” I ran back and told my friends about it. They laughed at me and said, “Is it an excuse for urinating all over your pants?”

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