My Fearless Grandpa

My grandpa is a very brave man, he is not scared of anything. When he was younger, he worked as a sailer. He visited like 10+ countries and encountered a few spooky stuffs. I finally get to hear his stories. When he was out the sea, he fell sick so took a rest in the ship. While sleeping, he felt something disturbing him but he didn’t really bother about it. When he woke up, he found out that his money was stolen. Right in front of him was a young kid with a disfigured face and had eyes as big as an egg! My brave grandpa, yet to know whether that thing was a human or a ghost but his instinct told him to catch the culprit who stole his money. That boy had a big head and hands flapping around and escaped. Grandpa told me that he wanted to take his egg(eye) away! That weird and scary boy teleported to an island, few meters away the ship.

The next story happened on my grandpa’s friend (Ah meng). Ah meng was riding a motorcycle in the night then he saw a woman covered in blood! Shocked, Ah meng quickly rode her to the hospital. When they reached the hospital, Ah meng turned and the woman was nowhere to be found.

My grandpa’s teacher, forgotten his dictionary in school so decided to head back and find it. On his way back school he heard laughter, a very creepy laughter. He looked everywhere and turned his head up, a pontianak was staring right back at him. He ran for his life back to home but fainted at the front of his house because he knows that it was already right behind him.

As I told you, grandpa is fearless . Have you ever heard this before in Chinese that says means once you step into the forest, you will never find your way back out. It happened onto my grandpa, he was lost in the forest, he knew it was something that was making fun of him so he said in Teochew: You don’t let me out, I will burn down this whole forest! You like that?! 5 mins later, he’s out of the forest.

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