The Opera Singer

This story may seem ordinary or rather boring so I’m going to try my best to make it as “lively” as possible. But sure thing, its original and its my personal experience. The third and last experience to be exact. Rather than exaggerating my story, I shall share with you guys truthfully.

It all happened 3 years ago, back in 2011. I couldn’t recall the month or day (I mean who would ever want to remember such frightful incidents) but i got the time and experience vividly in my mind. I was 17 years old and was a O level student. I hated the day because it only says stress, stress and stress again. Therefore, I always fancy on the phone (ideal way of de-stressing and of course, bonding session.) with my best friend who i shall address as “GD”.

It was around 2am in the morning when you can’t expect two “energetic and passionate” jokers to stop their hilarious marathon before midnight. We began talking an hour ago and we were pretty sure we will race the clock. Well, happy moments always pass as quickly as we can ever imagined. It was already past 3am but GD and I simply weren’t tired nor sleepy at all. However, what’s going to happen next became the most horrific event ever in my life.

As we were talking on the phone, I heard a subtle feminine voice out of nowhere and it feels like its whispering to my ears. Initially, I chose to be oblivious as I don’t want my thoughts to run wild. But as the voice went louder, clearer and near, I could feel my heart beating furiously and I could taste the saltiness of my sweat rolled down from my forehead. All that came to my mind were confusions and fear. Later on, I opened my ears and focused on the voice, hoping to figure out what was it.

To my horror, the voice was actually singing to me. As i went on, the singing sounded like those Teochew opera singing which I do not understand (I’m a hokkien and Cantonese bred). The singing was vague and vivid, on and off to the extent that i felt disturbed yet intrigued at the same time. I was so frightened that I broke the matter to GD and he was shocked as well. All he could do was to reassure this scaredy cat over and over again. Of course, I was pacified and we moved on eventually.

After ten to fifteen minutes, my ordeal resumed and I could feel my hair standing like soldiers parading. The ghostly opera singer continued her performance and her voice echoed around the neighbourhood like a wailing maiden (I really hoped that I was not the only one who heard it). I was praying inside my heart sincerely, so much harder than those years of going to the church (I came from an Anglican school, so does GD). GD could hear my trembling voice seeking his reassurance once again but he couldn’t hear a single frequency of “her” singing.

The only way to stop me from having “potential hallucinations”, GD tried to crack jokes to distract me, but only for a moment. Suddenly, the singing went on like a desperate singer yearning for audience ; “her” singing broke the silence of the night and in the midst of our “deterrence”. Finally, I was overwhelmed by my fear and I mustered all my courage and decided to put an end to all these torments. I put GD on hold and crawled to the main door like a toddler, mentally prepared for any of the “unseen forces” which awaits me.

To my surprise, I saw nothing. It was an ease of my mind, but not for long. I got up on my feet and “she” sang again and this time round, it seemed to surround my corridors. Hence, I charged out of my house and frustrated enough, I sped down the staircase fearfully ready to end “her” performance. When I reached the void deck and I wandered around the vicinity for any soul. I was relieved. It looked like everything was over, although the “Teochew Opera Singer” put up “her” tour performance opposite my house for the following week to come.

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