Blk 195A Punggol Road

My husband can actually see those “thing” during the 7th month which we call the Ghost Festival. When neared to this festival, he will always make it a point to be back early, but something will surely cropped up to make him be back home late.

There was this particular year, he was driving along ECP which was the 1st day of the seven month. It was around 12 midnite, suddenly from a distance he saw a lady dressed in white standing at the road shoulder waving at him and asking him to stop the car for her. As he got nearer to the girl, he saw that the girl had an errie smile. He quickly put it to the 5th gear and speeded home not caring if there were any traffic police around.

The other incident was also another 1st day of the 7th month, he was also driving along ECP, he saw 4 women 2 by 2 pushing the baby pramp along the road shoulder! It was 12 midnite, who the hell would want to take the babies for a stroll in the the middle of the nite along the road shoulder?

And the last incident was it happened at his own house at Blk 195A Punggol Road ! It was one of those days in the 7th month. He managed to reach home before 11pm. As he was about to fall asleep, he suddenly remember that he had forgotten to place a nite coupon for his car as he did not manage to get the season carpark for that month. He quickly put on his shirt and went downstair. He lived on the 11th floor but lift is on the 12th floor, so he had to walked up stair As he was climbing half way, he heard a howling sound coming from upstair, he looked up. He had a shocked of his life! He saw someone dressed in whole white, with very long and messy hair and his hands were lifted up 1/2 way like the vampire we always see in movie! My husband cannot tell whether it was a male or female cos the face was covered up but he will always remember that pair of eyes cos they were lookin up and very errie. It was floating down towards my husband! He quickly turned and rushed back home. He slammed the main door so hard that it woked his parent up. In order not to scare them, he told them that there was a cat outside the corridor.

The following week, we went to ask a medium, he told us that his 11th floor corridor is unclean and the thing he saw at the staircase is a wandering spirit. This year 7th month is coming, i make sure he come back early.

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