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As i’m the stubborn daughter in the family, i always get nagged by my mother. Till one thursday nite, my period came. I’m a type of girl who very lazy to wash my cloths such as my undergarment. I will just put my undergarment into one pail that contents all my “p*n*i*s” in it.

On that nite, before i take a bath, my mom ask me to wash my undergarments or the Pontianak will start following me. As i’m getting bored and tired hearing her nonsence, i just ignored her…

While i’m bathing, looking myself in the mirror, I saw something white flying in the small window of the toilet. Firstly, i just think that either a tissue or towel. Then the thing appeared again. In my heart says that it couldn’t be tissue coz it small and it couldn’t be towel as who wanna throw that things. Then my heart start pumping so fast like my heart going to drop off. Wihtout hesitation, i quickly finish up my bath and off i went to my bedroom.

As i’m putting on my cloths, the white figure appeared again but this time at my bedrooms window. I quickly close my window. Then i feel relief after closing the window.

Sunddenly around midnight, i heard shouting in my parents bedroom. I quickly get up and see what happen. Me, my brother and my parent saw that a lady in white squatting down grabbing to my undergarments(the p*n*i*s), trying to do something to it. Soon my dad pray, threw something at the lady in white, so that she would go off.

After the incident, my mom who 24hrs work as nagging, nagged at me again. Listened to her boring story called nagged, i continue cleaning the toilet and my undergarments in the middle of the nite.

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