Blk 132 Lorong Ah Soo

I have a few experiences in my flat that i am living in now at Blk 132 Lorong Ah Soo. Just to share a few with you all out there. I am living in a three room flat.

1. This incident happened years back. I was sleeping in the living room cos the two rooms is occupy one by my parent and the other my granny. I slept in front of the TV set on the floor. One nite, i was half asleep when out of sudden, i sense that someone was walking towards me. I open my eyes and i saw a tall figure dress in ancient custome jumped up and slapped me hard on my right side of my face. Really hard and my face still burning hot and feel sore. I got really angry and got up to find the culprit but the whole living room was in total darkness and both the room’s door was locked. I comb the kitchen but find no one too. I have a hard time falling asleep that nite alone in the living room. Later i realise that the person dressing is the same as the god statue that we worshipped at home!!!!

2. This happened when i was about 17 years old in the Hungry Ghost Month. I was bathing and out of the sudden, i had a feeling that i was being watch. I got really frighten and i summon my courage to look up and guess what i saw. My Late grandfather’s face looking at me from the top of the aluminium door (you know lah old house bathroom, a door with space on top). I nearly fainted but manage to clam myself and look up again. The face is not there, what was there now is the offering that was suppose to burn to my Grandfather. For your info, my Grandpa pass away when i was 6 or 7 years old.

3. My little aunt pass away last year due to cancer. Before she pass away that nite, i had a strange dream. She was admitted to NUH on Friday, 14th day of the Lunau New Year. I went to visit her on Saturday and she was still doing very find and joke with us. And on that nite i had a dream. While i was walking home, i saw a group of man pitching up funnenal Tent (Chinese Style) at my deck. I ask one of them, who is this tent for? Guess what that guess told me!!! FOR YOUY AUNTY LOR. DON’T YOU KNOW SHE WILL DIE TOMORROW!!!. I woke up in cold sweat….next day we are called to NUH and found my Aunty lying in the ICU and pass away in the evening that day.

4. My uncle was down with stroke and half his body was paralised. He drop by to stay with us for a couple of nite, one day near midnight, while i was watching TV, (He was sleeping then) We heard him weeped very loudly, then in his sleep, his two legs rose as if someone was carring his legs high up. We went over to him and woke him up. When he open his eye, he start screaming like hell and pointing out into a room and shout. LOOK AT THAT GIRL SITTING ON THE CUPBOARD, SHE IS LAUGHING AT ME, IT WAS HER, GET HER OUT OF THE HOUSE. DON’T LET HER FOLLOW ME. We take a look and fainted.

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