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This incident i’m going to relate happened late last year around 10pm on a saturday. No one was at home that night, and I was with one of my friend, Alan. It was about 7pm and the house was still dimly lit by the light that was welcomed by my widely opened belcony doors. We were chatting, smoking and simply chatting about some matters, time passed and before we knew it, the living room was swollowed by blackness and our cigerettes were the only light.

Sitting on the sofa, I looked around the house trying to look at the time, I know it was too dark to see but I was too lazy to turn on the lights, I looked at the dinning area trying to look at the clock, there I caught a glimpse of a tall dark figure standing very still in front of the kitchen enterence, I was scared stiff! I could feel the hairs on my arm stand and it was very cold. I told my friend Alan. I said “Oi! cb did you see that!” Alan said he too saw an extremely dark figure standing infront of the kitchen opening. I was certain it was a figure as my walls are white and the figure was a contrast to the walls even if it was at night. I tried to look at the figure once again, but this time, all I see is white walls, the figure was gone.

I had always wanted to see how ghost looked like but never had i expected that the one i saw was a black out line of a human figure standing very still as if it was a shadow of someones body. Alan told me it was a house ghost, being a christian I don’t believe that my house have any spirit of any sort and that my home had been blessed by a pastor before and that my dad had always been praying for the safety of our home and that it will be free of any wondering spirits or any form of evilness.

So i guess, it was a visit from my relatives who passed away or it was simply a spirit who didn’t have any intentions.

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