Blk 660B Jurong West Street 64

This incident happened to one of my friend who reside at Blk 660B Jurong West Street 64. This incident took place when she’s back from school at about 3pm. As soon she entered her flat, she put down her school bag in her room and made her way to the rest room. Since she was the only one at home, she didn’t bother to shut the toilet door.

While she was doing her affairs in the toilet, out of sudden she saw a pair of feet walking past the masterbed room towards the living room. She couldn’t believe her eyes at what she just saw!!

As soon as she’s done with her business, she peeked at the living room to see whether that feet is still there or not? At the same time, she just want to make sure that she isn’t dreaming in the broad day light! The moment her eyes met the living room, she was horrified at she saw, the same pair of feet in the living room. Swiftly the feet went to the kitchen and without hesitation she followed that feet and when she reached the kitchen, she notice that the feet had vanished into the thin air. She did not inform her folks about this scary incident.

Another scary incident happened to her in the middle of the night. As she was sleeping soundly on her double decker bed, her bed was the top one, suddenly she felt that someone shook her bed with a great force. For once she thought that her younger brother was jesting with her but as she looked down to her brother, she realised that he was sound asleep. Immediately she thought to herself who could that be? She said some prayers and went to bed. That incident happened every night until one day she couldn’t take it anymore she told her parents about the whole scary incidents that she’d experienced.

She admit that her family is a free thinker and no one in her family ever prayed. That very afternoon her mom went to consult a medium and he claimed that the house is haunted and he gave her mom some amulets to stick on the doors and etc and from then on they have peaceful nights and days.

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