My Mother

My story is not that scary but if you are the one experience it, you will have the same feeling like I have; so make sure you enjoy MY story, I’m a very brave person. Even my sister will think i’m crazy cause’ i talk to ghost and I ask them not to bother me!!!!!!! (sounds weird, right?) I live in a four-room flat, quite big looks more like a five-room flat. We just moved and so dat is my first night. I sleep wif my sis. We sleep 2gether in one bed. So my mother put a television on my room, cause we have EXTRA T.V. Dat night i could sleep; i don noe y!!!!!

While looking at the ceiling i saw someone looking at me. I turn to the door. My door was half open so i can see my hall!!! I saw dis women. She have a curly hair like my mother do and she was staring at me. I get up and stared at her, i thought it was my mother cause she usually come to my room and make sure we use our quilt cause every night will be cold!!!!!!!! But if dat is my mother, why would she satnd there n look at me? SO i knew who was dat!!!!!!! and i think u noe who to!!! I get back to my bed and tried to sleep and she won’t go away. I tried to wake my sis up by pinching her. I don want the ghost to come at me and ask Me wat i’m i doing!!!!!! HEHEHEHEHHE…….I give up pinching my sis cause even a bomb won’t wake her up!!!!!!! So i can’t do anything but to sleep back!!!!!!!I turn the other side where my mother place the t.v . I looked at the t.v. She is not there. I was so glad but when i turned around, she was still there. HAHAHHAH IT WAS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!

SO my lesson was to sleep before everyone does. SO i hope you all do cause who knows it may happen to you!!!!!! Hmmmmm. Watch your back, okie!!!!!!

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