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Asia ghost , ghosts , ghost , paranormal , halloween , horror , scary , haunted , ghostbusters , ghost adventures , death , hell , heaven , god , ghost whisperer , religion , ghost festival , pontianak , fear ,mystery , thrilling , ghost story , ghost caught on camera , ghost of tsushima , ghost rider , haunted house , ghost hunters , ghost recon , ghost movie , are ghosts real

The following are true accounts of demon possessions and exorcism. None of them are made-up or an exaggeration in anyway whatsoever.

Before I go on with my story, I would like to make some issues very clear so as to help in understanding these accounts better. As a Christians, we believe very strongly that we have power and authority over demons and evil spirits. It is not because we are so great or we have methods to do so but simply the fact the Jesus died and He rose again alive, He has defeat the source of all evil the Devil himself. Before He was taken up into heaven, Jesus gave that power and authority to His people (those who believe Him as Lord and Master). The Bible talks about it in great details. I am a first hand witness to that fact through my many victorious encounters with demons and evil spirits (I have recounted a few encounters in this website).

The following stories are from the Philippines where I spent about six months there. Here we go?

I have seen many demon possessions through the years. People who at one moment be so normal as anyone you see in the streets and the next the are a total different person. In a flash they become so aggressive and violent that sometime it would take a dozen to just hold them down. It would be amazing to see sweet little angels who turn into foul mouth demons. I can tell you that all the bad words that you know cannot to compared to what these lash out when the demon within them shows itself. There are others who make noises like animals. I know of one who meowed like a cat and barked like a dog. I have seen some that act like monkeys. There was this case of a group of Christians who went to do deliverance (Deliverance is the word Christians use for an exorcism, I shall thus use that too.) in a HDB house. When they got there, the demons inside the person knew they were coming to kick them out become very violent and started shouting and screaming at the top of the voice. As the Christians started to cast out the demons, it leaps over the people and jumped out of the living room window! Everyone there got the shock of his or her lives. You see they were at the ninth floor of the building! Everyone though that the person must have died but they were in for another shock. When they looked down from the window, they saw the person standing and laughing at them from the ground fall!! Well, to cut the long story short, they managed to catch the person and cast out the ‘stunt man’ want be demon out of the person. There are even those demons that hiss and move like a snake on the ground. The reason why these demons do that is because they want to side track everyone. They cause the people to be taken by all these attics and not to focus on the real thing. They also do these to instill FEAR in the midst of the people who see all this. FEAR is the main weapon that demons use to keep people in bondage.

In afternoon, one of the church friends came to look for me. He told me that a man came and sought help from him. He told him that he was tormented by evil spirits in his home. So this brother and I went over to his house later in the afternoon. His house was in the corner of the road junction and stood beside was a huge tree. I later learnt that the tree itself had many, many stories of its own. When we got into the house, you could feel it rather dark and dank. There an unpleasant feel to it all the all. The man sounded very troubled and nervous throughout. Then of all sudden he began to breakout in cold sweat and just stared towards the kitchen, then he told us that the evil spirit was looking at us from the kitchen. We told him to calm down and I decided to go and take a look and also to reassure him that there was nothing to fear. So I walked to the kitchen, as I mentioned the whole house feels funny but I didn’t find anything more unusual then that. He told me that as I made my way to the kitchen, the evil spirit left. My friend and I decided to return later in the afternoon as we had a meeting to attend to and also to get a few others, as we wanted to remove some things of the occult in his house. (The Occult is an open door for demons to enter and torment someone. I have seen so many in such a state). As we returned in the evening, the man was totally different from the one he met it the afternoon. He was no longer the hapless and needy man who wanted a way of his troubles but was rather defensive and reluctant. After much time trying to talk to him he refuse to allow us to remove the objects from his house (in any deliverance we can’t focus a person to be free. We can cast out a demon but if the person does not want to let got the demons will not leave). So that night we had to leave him though we would have loved to see him freed from his torment.

Another afternoon as I was resting and was about to take a bath, one of the church members came with her daughter. She requested prayer for her daughter as her stomach had bloated twice the size in less then a day. She told me that there was another woman after her son-in-law and she put a curse on her daughter to get her out of the way. Folks, I saw her stomach for myself and I am sure she was not with a baby. I did not do any mambo jambo stuff (as a Christian we don’t need all that), I just prayed the simplest prayer that I think that I ever prayed. There was no hype, no nothing and after a minute or so they both left. The next day I met the mother in church and the first thing I wanted know how her daughter was doing. She told me that after the left the place where I was at, within the hour her daughter’s stomach was healed and returned to its normal size. She was so thankful to God for breaking the curse that was placed on her daughter. (Exorcism or deliverance does not just apply to possessions but SOME sickness and diseases are cause by evil spirits. In this case it was a result of a curse. Again we see the work of demons through the occult)

The far greatest victory in exorcism I ever had up to this point was the one involving what I would call the ‘Terror of Cabatuan’. Cabatuan is a town in western Philippines. There was this boy who terrorized the whole town. He was demon possessed. I mean really possessed. He would sometimes go to the town market and the demons would manifest themselves there. (Note the plural, as there were more then one demon inside of him). He would transform himself like a monster and his nails and teeth would grow in length and size and he would seize the meat stores and eat the meat raw. The whole town knows about him and fears him. The worst thing of all is that he is crippled. He has to move around with the aid of crutches, but when the demons take over he just moves as freely as anyone does and even faster then anyone. One day, one of the local pastors told me that we need to go and do something about this and help this boy of 15 years of age. A week later we together with another pastor headed to his house in a farm some distance away from the town. The three of us hopped onto one motorbike (yes folks, three of us in one motorbike. I just leave it to you to imagine how that looks like) and we were off. After avoiding a few potholes and falling off the bike, which we nearly did, we finally reached the house. It was set on a hill and looked beautiful and green all around it. One of the pastors asked me if I needed him to translate when I speak to the demons. I told him there is no need for that, he will understand me. We heard from the boy’s father that he was around moments ago but suddenly he went on to hide himself. The demons knew that we were coming. The first thing we did was to remove all sharp objects and coppers from the area as people who are possessed can become very violent and we did not want to be caught off guard. Then we went around the whole house looking for him and finally we found him inside a back portion of the house. He was very skinny and as I mentioned crippled. How could he be the terror of the town? I thought and I felt compassion for him and anger for the demons that torment him. Finally we got him to come out.

We managed to get him seated and started the deliverance. The moment I spoke to the demons, the boys began to shut his ears very tight (the demons sure did understand me, alright). We demanded the demons leave the boy at once. We had told the demons that we were not interested in their manifestations but their immediate departure. The demons were speaking through the boy and were giving excuses like they can’t come out, as it was day. I shot back at them and said that was a lie and demanded they leave now. It did not talk to long before the demons were cast out. That’s when we learnt that the boy was possessed went he was on his way back from school one day when he meet three ‘kids’, they wanted to be his friends and he did not know that the ‘kids’ were actually demons in disguise. They have been controlling him ever since. The deliverance was complete without much hassle. The next day we got him to stay over that the church to look after him. The after care is the most important in this kind of things. Things were going on well until on night.

The demons manifested themselves again. I was not there at that time. The pastor told me that his face turned like goat with claws and fangs. The pastors tried to control him with the help of two other brothers. Sensing the fear in these two young chaps, the demons threatened to enter them. Not wanted to take chances the pastor told the two to leave. They spent the whole night battling with the demons until finally they broke through. When the boy came to himself, he confessed that after the first time that he was freed, he did not tell us something. The demons had given him a talisman as a pact between them and every full moon, he will have to dance with them and he did not thrown away the talisman but kept it. Finally that night, he surrendered it and it was burnt. And he was set freed and until today he is totally free. The Bible says that, ‘He who the Son (Jesus) sets free will be free indeed’ and that is very true with this boy. This boy is a witness of Jesus victory throughout the whole town.

There are many of you out there who had encounters with evil spirits and many have shared your experiences here. So how you are still bound by crippling fear. You have tried to overcome them with many things but have failed. I have good news for you. I can help you. This is not a ghostbuster thing but I believe that Jesus will set you free. You may know people who are in this stated or you want to come out of the occult, my e-mail is there, PLEASE get to me. I promise you freedom!

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Asia ghost , ghosts , ghost , paranormal , halloween , horror , scary , haunted , ghostbusters , ghost adventures , death , hell , heaven , god , ghost whisperer , religion , ghost festival , pontianak , fear ,mystery , thrilling , ghost story , ghost caught on camera , ghost of tsushima , ghost rider , haunted house , ghost hunters , ghost recon , ghost movie , are ghosts real