My School Principal

Whenever I go to the toilet in school, I have to ask my friends to go with me, if they reject I won’t go alone myself. Why am I so afraid? because there is 1 people suicide near the toilet and it is haunted I always go to the toilet doing recess or after school as a lot of student will be in the toilet so that I would not be afraid.1 day I am so argent and really have to go to the toilet, I call my friend to follow me but she refuse…I ran to teacher and go to the toilet.

After using the toilet a voice outside that sounds like Michelle my friend that I ask she say whether I finish the business. Then I open the door “caught you” but no one is there then I wash my hands and dash out as fast as I could I asked her whether did she go in that toilet she say no. the Who am I talking to?

Term two we have our photoshoot so I have to wear uniform on that day, we also have our PE so we have to take our PE t-shirt and bring there to change. We finish taking our photo and we go to the haunted toilet to change as it is the shortest distance I look at the clock it is 10 o’clock now we have our PE lesson. But my stomach is so painful that I need to do my big business so I am in the toilet with other classes student.

They all left me in that spooky toilet. After I come out I realize that other toilets rooms are lock so I would think that there are students inside. I look at the first door ceiling that they say the room is haunted I saw a head hanging there with blood dripping, it kept turning when the head turn I found that the head has no eye ball I squat down and see, no blood is on the floor, felt like fainting I ran outside and join my PE lesson “Turtle ah, the sun want to fall loh” as we used to speak in broken English.

I join my group and tell my friends about it. ‘Liar I just use that toilet’ Michelle says we saw blood on his t-shirt. We told principal about it. She also don’t believe us then she stand in the toilet and say ‘Where, call it to haunt me lah’ she said but the pupils can see it then one of my friend Calvin the bully in school shout and we look at him when we turned back and look at our principal we found that the head with no eyes was gone what a relive, but soon the head appear behind her we ran but she did not know.

second day, vice principal told us that principal is missing and we already called the police a strange feeling yesterday she is in the toilet and we left and…we stay her behind after we told vice principal he locked the haunted toilet.We rebuild the school and plant plants when we want to put the seed we found a corpse that had no eye,we found a hand next to it we start to dig there and found that it is our principal.

The eyeball on our principal had switch to that unknown body we check with vice principal and she said the unknown girl is the girl that suicide near the toilet but the problem had not solved yet, the question in my head is ‘How our principal body was buried under the ground? who buried her and the girl when no staff is staying in our school?’

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