My Spooky House

Ever since I moved into this house, I’ve experienced some strange noises many times till i don’t find it strange at all. I’m going to relate to readers those incidents.

1) When we just moved in, i was young then so i slept with my brother in the same room. My father had the habit of watching TV in the middle of the night when he couldn’t get to sleep, or when the next day was an off day. And so, we would hear noises from the TV almost every night and we thought it was always our father, well sometimes it was really him, but sometimes when we opened the door, nobody was there. after about a year, this stopped.

2) When my father walked, he always dragged his feet and had that kind of sha sha sha sound. Then in the middle of the night, i would hear those noises, like my father was walking to the kitchen opening and closing the drawers, and even the sound caused when moving the forks and spoons. Then again, nobody was there when i went to see.

3) Quite recently, just a few months back, my brother and i would stay up the WHOLE night watching HK DVD during the school holidays. Often at a point of time, we would hear a screeching sound, like the opening and closing of door right above us. We thought it was perhaps the people staying upstairs caused it, but in the morning when i told my mum, she said it was quite impossible to hear screeching door sound from above, because the wall separating the levels was quite thick unless something heavy dropped, otherwise impossible.

But because I’ve never done anything against my conscience, so i am not really afraid when i hear such things. but i cant say for sure that they dun exist because my friends and family have seen them. To add on about the light on your forehead and your shoulder, my Taoist and Buddhist friends say that you can actually light up the fire on your shoulders by just snapping your fingers (like a lighter) dunno true or not, but definitely no harm trying.

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